Meet the Team

Full-Time Faculty  


Dr. Tetradis, DDS, PhD            Dr. Mallya BDS, MDS, PhD                                  Dr. Husain, DDS
Professor and                         Associate Professor, Section-                        Assistant Clinical Professor
Senior Associate Dean          Chairman and Residency Program Director

Part-time Faculty


       Stuart White, DDS, PhD        Gilbert Kwong, DDS             
         Professor Emeritus                     Lecturer                               


      Tin Hoang Nguyen, DDS          E. Susana Pollak, DDS      Michelle Rappeport, DDS
                  Lecturer                               Lecturer                               Lecturer


Emily Wenzel, DDS




  Dr. Akrivoula Sounia           Dr. Karan Dharia             Dr. Katya Archambault   
  2nd Year Resident              2nd Year Resident           2nd Year Resident    


Holly Vreeberg                    William Boggess                Matthew Whiteley

1st Year Resident               1st Year Resident              1st Year Resident 

Radiographic Technicians                 


    Adrian Conanan                    LaWenda Parker                 Falvio Leon                  

Full-Time Staff


 Rio Quintero-Martinez             Burin Tanasuwat                   Jessica Mullins
   Clinic  Supervisor                   Administrative                       Administrative


    Paul Chao
   IT Support


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