Section of Prosthodontics

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Dr. Ting-Ling Chang, Chair

The Section of Prosthodontics involves a number of disciplines including fixed prosthodontics, removable prosthodontics, implant dentistry, and maxillofacial prosthetics. We are committed to providing quality predoctoral and postgraduate education programs and patient care. The breadth of our programs and training pertain to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of the oral function, esthetics, and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing teeth, deficient teeth, and/or compromised maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes. 

Teaching Programs

The Section of Prosthodontics offers multi-leveled educational programs, ranging from teaching students, residents, postdoctoral fellows, to clinical trainees.


Faculty members of the Section of Prosthodonticsconduct translational and clinical researches range from dental implant therapy, nanotechnology, bone regeneration,, and patient-centered outcome study.  A large number of clinical and scientific publications are generated each year. The goal is to develop and convey new approaches to science, dentistry and medicine that will ultimately result in improved patient care and quality of life.

Patient Care

Patient care is provided at three levels:

Section Full-time Faculty