2018 Program

If you have any questions about the program, please contact 
Youngjae Sung, Class of 2020

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Dear UCLA School of Dentistry Alumni,

Hello! Our “Dinner for 12 Dental Students” event is coming up, and we are looking for UCLA SOD alumni in the surrounding area to serve as possible hosts and co-hosts. 
In past years, alums have hosted hundreds of the school’s current dental students, and have reported having a great time! Our “Dinner for 12 Dental Students” event is modeled after UCLA’s own “Dinner for 12 Strangers” program, designed for faculty, alumni, and students to get together and enjoy a meal. Although hosts that are a part of the program traditionally host 12 students, the hosts can choose to limit (or expand!) that number to fit their own comfort level.
The program has been reported to have great success, from alumni and students alike. Here are a few quotes from current students that have participated in the program in past years:
“I had an incredible time getting to know the faculty outside of the academic setting, and this event helped me realize that there’s much more to dentistry than just school! This event gave me the opportunity to really bond with alumni and leave a lasting impression.” 
- Anthony Chen, Class of 2019
“Getting to know how alumni chose their paths after graduation was incredibly helpful for me, and seeing how open our alumni are to talking to us and giving us advice was something that I’ll never forget.”
- John Le, Class of 2019
Dr. Carol Bibb ‘78, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, and one of last year’s Dinner co-hosts, says, “I had a memorable experience hosting a Dinner for 12 Students last summer, and I encourage all alumni in the area to participate this summer. You will enjoy sharing a meal with a random group of our incredible students, and their appreciation of your hospitality will be heartfelt. Based on our experience last year, I suggest optimizing the host to student ratio by partnering with a fellow alum as co-hosts. Please feel free to contact me at alumni@dentistry.ucla.edu if you have any questions about this wonderful opportunity.”
To ensure the diversity of each grouping of alumni and students, the students will be chosen at random. The students are then assigned to their alumni host, which is also selected randomly.
Typically, the alumni host will provide the dinner location and food, or financially covers the cost of the dinner for the students. We are also seeking co-hosts, as it would be helpful to have additional alums at each dinner to allow for different perspectives and experiences for the students to learn from.
Last year’s dinners had a range of settings, from dinner at local restaurants, backyard picnics, private tours of alums’ practices, and more! This year’s program will be held on the evenings of July 14 & 15, as well as July 21 & 22. Volunteers will be asked to host a dinner on one of these dates. 
To sign up, please fill out the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/pRlLUdHRzcwhEdkJ2 
If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please contact me:
Youngjae Sung
Class of 2020
Dr. Carol Bibb
Associate Dean of Student Affairs