Founding Members

In 2004-05, alumni leaders and school administrators launched a campaign to establish a strong financial base for the newly reconstituted Apollonian Society (previously known as the Apollonians), the School's annual giving program.

Alumni, faculty members, friends and corporate partners who pledged $5,000 during this campaign are known as Founding Members of the Apollonian Society, and are recognized as such on Apollonian Society letterhead and in school publications.  Their visionary leadership has been instrumental in raising $1.7 million over the past six years to enhance the dental student experience at UCLA.

Thank you to our Founding Members:

Kathryn A. Atchison, DDS, MPH

Baron G. Barnett, DDS '73

George W. Bernard, DDS, PhD**

Samuel S. Berro, DDS '80

William J. Black, DDS '92

Stephen M. Blain, DDS, Ct. '73 (PD)

Craig I. Bloom, MBA

Margaret M. Bloomfield**

Angela T. Brazeal, DDS '77

George W. Brazeal, DDS '77

Linda Brogmus-Segal, DDS '86

Ralph D. Buoncristiani, DDS, Ct. '81 (OS)*

Michael W. Burke, DDS '86

Francesco Chiappelli, PhD

William Chin, DDS '72

Mark A. Conover, DDS '80, MS '80

Terrie K. DeBord, DDS '82

Mary A. Ditto, DDS '76

Mark S. Douglas, DDS '82

John P. Ducar, DDS '87

Naomi L. Ellison, DDS '81

Philip M. Engel, DDS '77

Lawrence Farrell

Leslie R. Fish, DDS '82, Ct. '87 (OS)

Susan C. Fredericks, DDS '81

Joseph W. Gray, DDS '84

Melanie J. Gullett, DDS '83

James Y.D. Hahn, DDS '95

Randall W. Halliday, DDS, Ct. '76 (OS)

Thomas J. Han, DDS '82, Ct. '84 (P), MS '85

Dr. Eugenio G. Herbosa

John Q. Holcomb, DDS '80

Benjamin B. Hong, MBA

Gary B. Jacobsen, DDS '76

Ernest B. Kenney, DDS

Evelyn S. King, DDS '76

Stephen K. Kwan, DDS '78, Ct. '94 (P)

David Y. Lee, MD, MPH, MBA

Stephen Y. Lee, DDS '75

Roger L. Lent, DDS '73

Emily Q. Letran, DDS '93

Daniel E. Levin, DDS '75

Mark S. Lisagor, DDS '73, Ct. '77 (PD)

Oariona Lowe, DDS, Ct. '84 (PD)

Darrell W. Lum, DDS '68

George A. Maranon, DDS '83

Russell H. Masunaga, DDS '91

Harold M. Matheson, MBA

Robert L. Merin, DDS '70

Ronald S. Mito, DDS '76, FDS RCSEd

Robert M. Miyasaki, DDS '86

William W. Morgan, DDS '73

Stephen T. Moriguchi, DDS, Ct. '80 (PD)

Peter K. Moy, DMD

Kathy R. Mulligan, DDS '83

Monica Nam

Michael G. Newman, DDS '72

Kathleen J. Nuckles, DDS '81

Steven K. Okamoto, DDS '84, Ct. '85 (GP), Ct. '88 (AP)

Joan Otomo-Corgel, DDS '76, MPH

Ann Park

No-Hee Park, DMD, PhD

Lisa Yun Park Choi, DDS '94

Patrice S. Punim, DMD, Ct. '81 (O)

Thomas J. Rauth, DDS '73, MS

Carl R. Runyon, DDS, Ct. '90 (OS)

Elliot P. Schlang, DDS '74

Norman Senzaki, DDS '79

Bradley G. Seto, DDS, Ct. '79 (GP)

Robert E. Sheffield, DDS '95, Ct. '98 (PO)

Richard S. Silvera, DDS '72

Thomas N. Sims, DDS '72

Warren A. Steiner, DDS '72

Richard G. Stevenson III, DDS '86

Marwood M. Stout, DDS '88, Ct. '92 (OS)

Richard K. Sugita, DDS '69

Jenny C. Sun, DDS '85

Max D. Swancutt, Jr., DDS '77

Henry H. Takei, DDS, MS

James A. Tamborello, DDS '70

Diane C. Tarica, DDS '97

Linda Tarrson

Robert G. Tupac, DDS '74

Glen L. Warganich-Stiles, DDS '99

Russell I. Webb, DDS '78, Ct. '81 (OS)

Robert S. Wilson

Robert B. Wolcott, DDS **

David T. Wong, DMD, DMS

John A. Yagiela, DDS '71, PhD**

* Donors' academic degrees (at the master's level and above) are noted as recorded in the UCLA External Affairs database.  Donors' UCLA School of Dentistry degrees (DDS, MS in oral biology, PhD in oral biology, and certificates) are recognized by the inclusion of the specific class year(s) in which they were conferred.
Certificate (Ct.) Abbreviations:
(AP) Advanced Prosthodontics(GP) General Practice(O) Orthodontics(OS) Oral Surgery(P) Periodontics(PD) Pediatric Dentistry(PO) Pedo-Orthodontics ** Deceased