Planned Giving

Planned gifts are gift arrangements that have specific tax advantages and often include lifetime income to a beneficiary or beneficiaries named by the donor. A planned gift maximizes your giving potential and can even allow you to ensure your future financial security or that of a loved one. For further information about making a planned gift or bequest to UCLA, visit UCLA's Office of Gift Planning website.

Bequests - In writing a will or living trust, donors can specify that they would like their estate to benefit UCLA Dentistry. Donors who wish to have their gifts managed by The UCLA Foundation must specifically state in their wills or living trusts that their gifts be made to The UCLA Foundation. Learn more about sample bequest language, how to include UCLA Dentistry in your estate plans, and to read the Insights and Options newsletter.

Charitable Gift Annuities - Donors may transfer money, securities, or real estate in trust to the University and receive income for themselves or another, for life. Donors may receive immediate tax benefits, and ultimately UCLA receives the trust property. Visit UCLA's Planned Giving site for more information about making such a planned gift or bequest.

Qualified Retirement Plans - Naming UCLA Dentistry as a beneficiary of your qualified retirement plan (IRA, KEOGH, 401(k) or 403(b)) may be particularly advantageous; doing so may result in more assets being passed on to your heirs than if you make a bequest from other funds in your estate.

Appreciated Securities - A gift of long-term appreciated marketable securities helps you save taxes twice. Such a gift will provide an income-tax charitable deduction and capital gains tax savings.

Closely Held Securities - Securities in a company that is not publicly traded are known as closely held securities. When a donor makes a gift of these securities to The UCLA Foundation, the donor may enjoy tax savings and can even increase income from the donated stock.

  • Financial institutions provide minimal information on securities transfers, so to ensure proper disposition of the gifts, donors should alert the School of Dentistry Development Office that a securities transfer has been made. Gifts of securities are recorded based on the mean market value of the stock, bond, or mutual fund on the date of gift, which is determined by the date the donor relinquishes control of the asset. Please contact the securities coordinator for the UCLA Foundation at (310) 794-3434 for more information and for detailed transfer instructions.

Gifts of Real Estate - When you give a gift of your home or real property to UCLA, you may claim an income-tax charitable deduction based on the full market value of the gift, avoid capital gains taxes, and eliminate certain costs associated with the transfer of real property. Gifts of real estate can also provide income to you as a gift with retained interest.

UCLA First Century Society - The generous alumni and friends who have chosen to remember the UCLA School of Dentistry in their estate plans are a special group. Their philanthropy has helped propel the School’s rise among the world’s great universities. The First Century Society was created to honor these individuals, who have built their legacies through planned gifts that are meaningful to them.  We invite you to join the committed philanthropists who enjoy the rewards of membership in the First Century Society.