Let There Be - Boundless DreamsBrandi Lewis - Class of 2014 - Received 2 Scholarships

For the last four years, most days, Brandi Lewis’ alarm rang at 5:30 a.m. — signaling it was time to begin her daily routine of preparing her 5-year-old son for preschool and herself for a long day of seeing patients. 

Brandi’s fascination with dentistry began at an early age, but it was not until tragedy struck her family that she decided to make it her life’s work. Brandi was in elementary school when her mother was diagnosed with AIDS. Her mother’s health slowly deteriorated, which resulted in the loss of some of her teeth. Recognizing her anguish, Brandi asked her mother to seek help. She will never forget her mother’s smile after coming back from the dentist. It seemed remarkable how a simple visit to the dentist to be fitted for dentures improved her mother’s health, self-esteem, and morale. 

Sadly, Brandi lost her mother, but the experience of seeing how much a dentist could improve the quality of life for someone in need of oral health care motivated her to want to help others who were  similarly affected by health problems. 

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree, Brandi began applying to dental schools. In the spring of 2010, Brandi was accepted into the UCLA School of Dentistry and she proudly became a member of the Class of 2014. 

Brandi applied for every scholarship that she qualified for and was awarded the Apollonian Society Scholarship and the Dean’s Scholarship. 

Due to outside financial support, Brandi was able to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a dentist, without mounting school debt. This enabled her to focus on her calling of providing service and improving the oral health of the community.

As state support has decreased substantially over the years and tuition continues to increase, providing scholarship support to future dentists is among our top priorities. Scholarships help students defray educational expenses, ensuring that the broad array of professional options — including teaching, research, and practice in underserved communities — remains open to each student upon graduation.

Help ensure that we can continue to provide opportunities for economic and social advancement and train the dental leaders of the future.