Silver Circle Members

While the success of the 2004-05 Founding Members campaign was instrumental in helping to build a strong financial base for the reconstituted Apollonian Society, the school also recognizes that loyalty and prolonged engagement have served as the foundation of our success since the early 1970s.  We acknowledge the profound philanthropic commitment of those donors who have given to the Apollonian Society and its predecessor, the Apollonians, for 25 years or more through the Apollonian Society Silver Circle.

Thank you to our Silver Circle Members:

Kerry A. Booth, DDS '75

Fermin A. Carranza, Jr., DDS

Stephen S. Chung, DDS '71

Robert C. Daby, DDS '72

Joseph L. Dautremont III, DDS '82

Stevan P. Dumas, DDS '80

Ronald K. Fliss, DDS '70

James R. Freed, DDS

Ronald M. Gerecht, DDS '71

Emanuel Gottlieb, DDS '80

Kenneth D. Greenstadt, DDS '74, Ct. '80 (PD)

Arthur R. Hand, DDS '68

Eddie K. Hayashida, DDS '76

Suzanne B. Honeyman, DDS '83

Jerald M. Hong, DDS '75

Scott W. Huseth, DDS '83 & Sandy Huseth

Michael T. Johnson, DDS '75

Roger S. Kingston, DDS '71

John D. LaJoy, DDS '83 & Jo Ann LaJoy

Barbara J. Lack, DDS '76

Kevin G. Landon, DDS '74

I. Mark Leavitt, DDS '74

Stephen D. Levine, DDS

Mark S. Lisagor, DDS '73, Ct. '77 (PD)

Calvin B. Low, DDS '72

Dennis E. Lowe, DDS '69 & Bonnie Y. Lowe

Richard A. Mandel, DDS '70, Ct. '73 (OS)

Ira R. Matloff, DDS '78

Patricia A. McDonald

Jack C. Melvin, DDS '80

Dennis D. Miller, DDS '79

Ronald S. Mito, DDS '76, FDS RCSEd & Millicent Mito

Michael C. Montgomery, DDS '80

Robert E. Murphy, DDS '79

George Naidus, DDS '71

Kenneth Y. Natsuhara, DDS '82

Arthur Nimmo, DDS, Ct. '83 (AP) & Susan S. Nimmo, DDS '85

Larry A. Okmin, DDS '71

William C. Patterson, DDS '69

Robert L. Pike, DDS '68

Thomas J. Rauth, DDS '73

James M. Raymer, DDS '77

Richard A. Riemann, DDS '69

Nancy S. Schort, DDS '77 & Donald R. Schort, Jr., MBA

Harry C. Schwartz, MD, DMD

Douglas L. Smith, DDS '75

Edward N. St. George, DDS '70

Richard K. Sugita, DDS '69

James A. Tamborello, DDS '70

Robert P. Thye, DMD, MA & Joan F. Thye

Lawrence S. Trudgeon, DDS '72

Holly T. Wieber, DDS '77

David J. Wolfe, DDS '79

Ronald C. Woo, DDS '80

Sol M. Zira, DDS '77

* Donors' academic degrees (at the master's level and above) are noted as recorded in the UCLA External Affairs database.  Donors' UCLA School of Dentistry degrees (DDS, MS in oral biology, PhD in oral biology, and certificates) are recognized by the inclusion of the specific class year(s) in which they were conferred.
Certificate (Ct.) Abbreviations:
(AP) Advanced Prosthodontics(GP) General Practice(O) Orthodontics(OS) Oral Surgery(P) Periodontics(PD) Pediatric Dentistry(PO) Pedo-Orthodontics ** Deceased