Yong Kim, Ph.D.
(310) 825-7210
UCLA School of Dentistry
10833 Le Conte Ave.
Box 951668
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1668
Office:  73-022 CHS


Yong Kim, Ph.D. is a Professor-in-Residence in the Section of Oral Biology in the Division of Oral Biology & Medicine at the UCLA School of Dentistry. He is also a member of UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Institute.

Educational & Professional Background

  • B.S. Chemistry, Seoul National University, Seoul, Rep of Korea, 1985
  • M.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Mississippi State University, 1992
  • M.S. Biochemistry, University of Rochester, 1993
  • Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Rochester,1998

Research & Interests

  • Study on the cellular and molecular function of cell cycle regulator in embryonic stem cell differentiation and embryo development.

  • Molecular determinants in the effects of teratogen in human stem cells.

  • Epigenetic regulation in embryonic stem cell differentiation and cancer development.

  • Role of CDK2AP1 in cell cycle regulation and the significance of its differential expression in cellular transformation in relation to checkpoint regulation and apoptosis.

  • Translational application of cell cycle regulatory mechanism for head and neck/oral cancer treatment.

  • Liquid biopsy for cancer detection using cancer-associated oncogenic mutations

Professional Memberships

  • American Association for Cancer Research: Associate member since 1998.

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science: member since 2000.

  • International Association for Dental Research: member since 2002.

  • International Society for Stem Cell Research: member since 2011.

  • Research Society on Alcoholism: member since 2018.


  • California Institute of Regenerative Medicine Basic Biology Award
  • JCCC SEED Fund

Representative Publications

Li, F., Wei, F., Huang, W.-L., Lin, C.-C., Li, L., Shen, M., Yan, Q., Liao, W., Chia, D., Tu, M., Tang, J., Feng, Z., Kim, Y., Su, W.-C., David Wong, D. Ultra-Short Circulating Tumor DNA (usctDNA) in Plasma and Saliva of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Patients. (2020). Cancers 12(8), 2041

Kaczor-Urbanowicz, K.E., Cheng, J., King, J.C., Sedarat, A., Pandol, S.J., Farrell, J., Wong, D.T.W., and Kim, Y. Reviews on current liquid biopsy for detection and management of pancreatic cancers. (2020). Pancreas (In Press).

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Kaczor-Urbanowicz, K. E., Wei, F., Rao, S. L., Kim, J., Shin, H., Cheng, J., Tu, M., D. T. W., and Kim, Y. Clinical validity of saliva and novel technology for cancer detection. (2019). BBA Reviews on Cancer 1872:49-59.

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Kim, Y.Y., Roubal, I., Lee, Y.S., Kim, J.S., Hoang, M., Mathiyakom, N., and Kim, Y. Alcohol-induced molecular dysregulation in human embryonic stem cell-derived neural precursor cells. (2016). PLoS ONE 11(9):e0163812.

Hoang,M., Kim, J.J., Kim, Y.Y., Tong,E., Trammell,B., Liu, Y., Shi, S., Yang, J., Hong, C., Wang, C.-Y., and Kim, Y. Alcohol-induced suppression of KDM6B dysregulates the mineralization potential in dental pulp stem cells. (2016). Stem Cell Research 17:111-121.

Liu, Y., Kou, X., Chen, C., Yu, J., Su, Y., Kim, Y., Shi, S., and Liu, Y. Chronic High Dose Alcohol Induces Osteopenia via Activation of mTOR Signaling in Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells. (2016). Stem Cells 34(6):2157-68.

Cass, A., Bahn, J.H., Lee, J.-H., Greer, C., Lin, X., Kim, Y., Hsiao, Y.-H., Xiao, X. Global analyses of endonucleolytic cleavage in mammals reveal expanded repertoires of cleavage-inducing small RNAs and their targets (2016). Nucleic Acid Research 44(7):3253-3263.


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Additional Information

Courses taught
  • OB260 Oral Biology Seminar

  • OB201C Advanced Oral Pathobiology

  • OB275 Molecular and Cellular Biology

  • OSD211 Systems 5

  • OSD201 Block 2