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Finding the Right Fit

Finding a dental program that is a good fit is a vital first step towards your dental career. Our 4-year Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) program is distinguished by its academic excellence, world-renowned faculty, and diverse student body. Our graduates possess the preventive, diagnostic, and technical knowledge to provide patients with comprehensive dental services in a variety of health care delivery systems. Special attention is also given to delivering care in a socially sensitive and responsible manner. Our graduates are leaders in their communities and profession and value lifelong learning, continuously updating their knowledge of dental health and oral diseases.

Dr. Edmond Hewlett explaining a dental technique to a 4-year studentThe length of the 4-year DDS program is 45 months, divided into twelve quarters of ten weeks plus three required nine-week summer sessions. There are 88 students enrolled in the first- and second-year classes with an additional 20 students enrolled in our Professional Program for International Dentists (2-year program) included in the third- and fourth-year classes.

The foundational biomedical sciences and preclinical laboratory courses are taught primarily in the first two years of curriculum with direct patient care beginning early in the second year. The clinical curriculum is competency based, focusing on patient-centered comprehensive care with additional clinical experience provided by rotations to specialty and community clinics. In addition to our required curriculum, DDS students have abundant opportunities for individualized professional development through selective courses, and extracurricular experience in research, teaching, leadership, and community service.

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We welcome your application to our 4-year DDS program and look forward to meeting you in the near future. Please email dds_admissions@dentistry.ucla.edu for more details.


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