Advanced Anterior Esthetics Workshop

A 2 Session, 6 Day Course
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Jeff Morley, DDS
Private Practice, San Franciso, CA

This course is for the dentist with a basic understanding of esthetic restorative procedures who wants a system to take esthetic diagnosis and treatment to the highest level. It builds upon the UCLA Aesthetic Continuum with advanced hands-on training.


Learning Objectives
• How to design, treatment plan, prepare and deliver (you will do all of these cases in the workshop):
   - Multi-unit direct composite veneer case with life-like translucency and polish
   - Multi-unit porcelain veneer cases    
   - All-ceramic crowns that match existing teeth     
   - Diastema closure and complex bonding with invisible margins & perfect match
   - Anterior bridge using metal-free frameworks and life-like pontic/tissue adaptation
• How to contour restorations and temporaries to look like natural teeth
• Smile design analysis that will make sure you cover all the bases and get the best results
• How digital photography will get better results from the lab and communicate effectively with your patient
• How to do a mock-up and understand why it is the most essential tool for predictable esthetics  
• How to keep veneers from breaking and how to use “the contact lens effect”      
• How to make exquisite temporaries with great margins and high esthetics
• How to use a special matrix to speed up direct composite bonding and get better results               
• How to make a “flat bottom” pontic and why it gets a better result than an ovate pontic in most cases
• How to work with a technician/ceramist to produce superior esthetic results
• How to build proper occlusion into your cosmetic cases and how to treat bigger cases      
• Strategies for structuring fees
Each participant will work with specially designed typodonts with specific esthetic problems encountered in everyday practice. Dentists will have laboratory work completed by the lab that they use and should expect to work hard during the course. Dr. Morley will teach methods for setting up and sequencing cases that he uses in his own successful esthetic private practice. Total hands-on experience and critique will be used to prepare participants for success in selecting, diagnosing and treating patients within their own practices. Skills learned in this course will allow participants to reach a higher level of performance in cosmetic dentistry.
Direct one-on-one instruction at every step of this hands-on workshop.

There is no substitute for learning and practicing the best techniques for clinical success.

Dr. Morley will improve your skill level, whether you are: Advanced, Intermediate or Beginner


speakers/instructors and topics are subject to change without prior notice