Competency and Proficiency Requirements

Upon the completion of training, the resident shall be proficient in:

1.  performing a thorough preanesthetic evaluation integrating medical history, physical evaluation, airway evaluation, risk assessment, and obtaining informed consent/assent.

2.  formulating an anesthetic plan that is tailored to the surgical, medical, and psychological needs of the dental patient.

3.  performing the clinical skills necessary for the provision of safe and effective anesthesia care for dentistry, with special emphasis placed on:

  • management of the fearful and/or uncooperative patient.

  • management of open airway anesthesia.

  • intubation of the difficult airway.

  • flexibility to provide anesthesia care in a variety of settings.

4.  managing medical emergencies that may occur in the perioperative period.

5.  communicating effectively with patients, their families, and other health professionals.

6.  managing acute orofacial pain through local anesthesia and postoperative analgesics.

Upon completion of training, the resident shall be competent in:
1.  reviewing and evaluating the scientific literature and applying this evidence base to clinical practice.

Upon completion of training, the resident shall be familiar with:
1.  the diagnosis and management of chronic orofacial pain.