Connective Tissue Graft Stabilization by Subperiosteal Sling Suture

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March 16, 2019   

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September 7, 2019        
Saturday 9:00 am-5:00 pm

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Lecture and Workshop


Jonathan H. Do, DDS
Assistant Clinical Professor, Section of Periodontics
UCLA School of Dentistry
Private Practice limited to Periodontics
Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology


Although coronally advanced flap (CAF) combined with connective tissue graft (CTG) is well-documented to be the gold standard for root coverage of localized Miller Class I and Miller Class II recession defects, it is susceptible to flap retraction, which can result in incomplete root coverage. The use of CTG with envelopes and tunnels maintain intact marginal and papillary tissue, which reduces the risk of tissue retraction during healing. However, with these techniques, the precise and controlled placement, and stabilization of the graft over the denuded root surface can be very challenging.

This course teaches a minimally invasive surgical approach utilizing the vestibular incision subperiosteal tunnel access (VISTA), and a novel suturing technique called the subperiosteal sling (SPS) suture to stabilize the connective tissue graft for periodontal plastic and implant surgeries. Graft stabilization by the SPS suture minimizes the risk of graft mobility caused by muscle movement and allows for the controlled placement and stabilization of the graft in the coronal most position over the grafted site.


Learning Objectives
  • Etiologies and risk factors of gingival recession
  • Non-surgical and surgical periodontal management of gingival recession
  • Factors affecting root coverage outcome
  • Rationale for subperiosteal tunnel access
  • Connective tissue graft stabilization by subperiosteal sling suture for soft tissue augmentation of teeth and dental implants
Hands-on Pig Jaw Root Coverage Workshop
  • Full thickness tunnel preparation
  • Connective tissue graft procurement
  • Connective tissue graft stabilization by subperiosteal sling suture