Digital Dentistry

Course Fee: $400

30-day Early Enrollment: $360

CDE Credits: 7
September 19, 2020 
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9:00am - 5:00pm

An overview of Scanning, Milling, and Printing

Key Concepts and Hands-on Experience


Michael Capio, DDS
Lecturer, UCLA School of Dentistry

Digital impression systems have been available for many years, but have recently become much more predictable, user friendly, and affordable. Intraoral scanners can digitally send impressions to your lab or allow the dentist to mill the restoration with a chairside milling unit.  These electronic files also facilitate sharing between dentists and specialists for efficient treatment planning capabilities. Attendees will realize the benefits and drawbacks of digital technologies and how digital dentistry workflows fit into a modern dental practice.

This course explores what is currently possible with digital impression, milling, and 3D printing technologies.  We will discuss how to successfully take quadrant and full arch digital impressions. Attendees will become familiar with ideal tooth preparation guidelines for milled restorations and the dental materials currently available for milling and printing.  Digital prosthodontic, surgical, and orthodontic applications will be covered.  Since impressions are so central to the work of all dentists, the information presented can be useful not only for general dentists but also for dental assistants and specialists.

Learning Objectives
  • Discuss and compare available intra-oral scanners, milling units, and 3D printing technologies
  • Become familiar with the applications and benefits of digital impressions
  • Explore both outsourced fabrication to the lab and in-office fabrication
  • Understand how preparation design affects the quality of milled restorations
  • Plan and design single-tooth milled restorations
  • Understand the current dental materials available for 3D printing and milling
  • Learn a decision-making process for choosing the appropriate luting agent for ceramic restorations
Workshop Exercises
  • Make quadrant digital impressions of prepared teeth and full arch impressions on a typodont
  • Scan, design and mill an all-ceramic restoration
  • Explore and compare features of several current digital hardware and software systems
  • See a dental 3D printer in action

speakers/instructors and topics are subject to change without prior notice