The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed by all who wish to be considered for any financial aid. There are currently no fees associated with this application. The FAFSA should be submitted in accordance with the instructions as early as possible. If you complete the FAFSA with estimated figures, you will need to update the application when you have accurate tax data.

Be sure to list “UCLA School of Dentistry” under Releases and Signatures, and include Title IV Federal School Code number 001315.  This is the ONLY code that will allow us to receive your FAFSA data.

Students who applied for financial aid in the previous academic year should receive a renewal FAFSA form from the Department of Education in January. If you did not receive the renewal FAFSA by the end of January, please visit the FAFSA website to access your account.

It is your responsibility to adhere to the March 2nd FAFSA deadline for outside sources that require that deadline date.

FAFSA Instruction “Easy steps to FAFSA (Tutorial)


 Documents submitted to our office by uploading them on MyUCLA:

Students Uploading Documentation

Please do not send documents via email or Fax

Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 Dental Financial Aid Staff will be unavailable for in-person contact. We recommend that students submit their documents via MyUCLA. For guidance on how to upload your documents via MyUCLA view our MyUCLA Upload Guide

We remain dedicated to assisting you throughout the financial aid process and encourage you to stay safe during this time.



2020-21 Financial Aid Form:

Dental Institutional Application for Students

All financial aid applicants must submit completed form to the School of Dentistry Financial Aid Office if you are applying for Federal Financial Aid.  All Forms and applications are to be uploaded to the MyUCLA Portal for processing. 


Below supplemental forms may be required if you are in need of an adjustment to your financial aid budget. 

Budget Increase Request Form - Summer 2020

Budget Increase Request Form - AY 20-21

If you experience an unanticipated event such as significant car repairs, child care expenses, etc., you may apply for loan re-evaluation by completing the Budget Increase Request Form. 

Dental students wishing to file a Budget Increase Request Form must submit the completed form with required documentation to the School of Dentistry Financial Aid Office.

Housing Adjustment Form - Summer 2020 

Pending Update: Housing Adjustment Form - AY 20-21


If you have housing rental expenses in excess of the amount allotted in the financial aid budget, you may apply for a budget adjustment by completing a Housing Adjustment Form. Dental students wishing to file a Housing Adjustment Form must submit the completed form with required documentation to the School of Dentistry Financial Aid Office.

Loan Adjustment Request Form - Summer 2020
Loan Adjustment Request Form - AY 20-21

Use this form to request an adjustment to your Federal Loan(s) and/or Private Loan.


2019-20 Financial Aid Forms:

Dental Institutional Application for Students

Loan Adjustment Request Form '19-'20

 Housing Adjustment Form '19'-'20

 Budget Increase Request Form '19-'20