Hypnosis, Behavioral Therapy and Biofeedback

Course Fee: $500

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CDE Credits: 14
Sept 12-13, 2020
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9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Efficacy of Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Biofeedback for the Alleviation of Anxiety, Pain and Phobias in the Dental Patient

Course Instructors


Don M. Goodman, PhD, CCHt
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Biofeedback technician, Lecturer, Section of Oral Medicine & Orofacial Pain, UCLA School of Dentistry

Ken Dubner, CCHt
Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner

For over a century, hypnosis has been used as an effective method for the treatment of many issues in medicine and dentistry. In the field of orofacial pain, we are faced with issues whose etiology can often be profoundly puzzling. From bruxism and gagging to TMD and migraine, hypnotherapy has been tested and scientifically proven to be an effective adjunct to traditional therapy. Now hypnosis combined with cognitive behavioral therapy and biofeedback can be used to effectively decrease anxiety, phobias and pain as well as increase treatment compliance and decrease healing time. Attendees will learn the art of hypnotherapy from simple induction techniques to deepening procedures through suggestion methods. Each attendee will receive hands on training in hypnosis as well as biofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy. Each attendee will also personally experience the state of hypnosis and will learn how to teach others to experience it.

Learning Objectives

• Hypnosis, biofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy
• Key definitions and terminology
• Training on basic hypnotic procedures: progressive relaxation, visualization, basic deepening techniques, suggestions, hypnotic inductions
• Training with biofeedback hardware and software
• Application and understanding of basic cognitive behavioral therapy
• Management of dental challenges employing these modalities
• Anxiety, phobias, gagging, treatment compliance, bruxism, pain management, migraine, TMD
• Communication, suggestibility, trust and rapport


speakers/instructors and topics are subject to change without prior notice