Implants A-Z

3 Sessions

2019 course canceled

Full Course Fee: $3950

CDE Credits: 36

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Predictable implant prosthetics in clinical practice



George Perri, DDS
Lecturer, Section of Removable Prosthodontics
Private Practice, Whittier CA

Shahriar Parvizpour, DDS
Lecturer, Section of Removable Prosthodontics
Private Practice, Whittier CA


This 3-session course embodies a philosophy of dentistry that leads to the effective and predictable use of dental implants. The presenters Dr. Shahriar Parvizpour and Dr. George Perri bring a combined 60 years of day to day private practice implant restorative treatment experience to their realistic and honest presentations. Dr. Parvizpour likes to say he has seen more complications than most people have seen cases.

This course demonstrates what can be done, day in and day out, in all offices with a high degree of predictability and success. It is based on real world private practice situations and not theoretical company or institution promoted speculation.

Useful techniques will be presented that will make the course worthwhile for all level of practitioners.

The course is designed for the beginner to advanced clinician. Most importantly it is for the dentist that has been doing implant dentistry for years, but has never had been able to confidently move to a higher level of restorative care. It is also extremely useful for the surgeon who wants to more effectively treatment plan and guide their referral dentists to higher case success rates and reduce restorative problems.

This course makes implant dentistry simpler, easier and more productive. It removes many of the unknowns and makes the clinician more confident. It will take the clinicians who think they know it all and answer the nagging questions of isn’t there a better way?



Session 1 - Lecture/ Workshop

March 22-24, 2019 | Friday and Saturday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and Sunday, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm | CDE Credits: 18 | Course Fee: $2150

The Foundation to Implant Dentistry  -  This session begins with identifying the key components that make restorative implant dentistry straightforward, predictable and successful. It will present a philosophy of treatment that will make implant restorations the most predictable and successful part of any restorative practice.  During the 3 days of this course all case types from single to fully edentulous (initial discussion only), from esthetically demanding to basically functional and especially esthetic issues requiring restorative management of the non-ideal implant position will be examined. The tips and tricks that come from years of patient treatment will be shared. A hands on clinic will help develop the skills for impression taking and provisional fabrication.

A hands-on clinic accelerates the mastery of the presented topics and will help develop the skills for fool proof impression taking and provisional fabrication.
Learning Objectives
  • Examination and idiosyncrasies of different implant systems
  • Effective treatment planning
  • Goals of implant placement and what can be done surgically to improve the situation after placement
  • Esthetic analysis
  • Identifying the ideal abutment
  • Impression taking
  • Provisional use
  • Soft tissue development
  • Selection of cement vs screw retained final restorations
  • Techniques to improve case presentation and acceptance are integrated into the case discussions.


Session 2 - Lecture/ Workshop

April 13-14, 2019 | Saturday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and Sunday, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm and | CDE Credits: 11 | Course Fee: $1500

The Total Emersion: for the effective management of the edentulous patient - This session is designed to develop a real understanding of the limitations and advantages of all possible treatment options for the edentulous patient. Expectations in regard to surgical implant placement will be laid out. Techniques that will produce highly successful restorations developed as PFM, Hybrid, Overdentures with bars and Overdentures with individual attachments are meticulously demonstrated. A hands-on clinic to fine tune the critical necessity for extremely accurate impressions will be an integral part of the course. The techniques for the creation of Implant supported provisionals for the edentulous patient will be demonstrated and their value from the immediate patient through the healed patient will be quantified.

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding the edentulous patient and the unique management required
  • Effective treatment planning to identify what treatment types are possible on a given patient
  • Thorough understanding of the treatment requirements for each treatment type
  • Detailed step by step development of different treatment types
  • Effective full arch impression taking with lab hands on
  • Surgical goals
  • Detailed review of the pros and cons of each treatment type


Session 3 - Lecture

Date May 4, 2019 | Saturday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm | CDE Credits: 7 | Course Fee: $500

The Complete Clinician: the management and avoidance of complications - For the effective management and avoidance of implant complications: case management and rehabilitation to produce total care for your patients. Managing complications will be the focus, but the skills to avoid the complications will be the underlying theme. Included will be thorough treatment planning, effective selection of restoration type, communication skills to educate the surgeon and patient, efficient and predictable restorative technique and finally maintenance procedures. All case types will be reviewed and examined: single tooth- anterior and posterior- multiple missing anterior and posterior and the fully edentulous.

Learning Objectives
  •  Understanding the different types of complications which can be expected with treatment
  • How to avoid these complications
  • How to manage when they arise
  • Need for effective communication with the patient during treatment planning so they will understand issues that arise

speakers/instructors and topics are subject to change without prior notice