Impression & Cast Making

Course Fee:  $130*

Upcoming date:

December 5, 2015
Saturday, 9 am - 6 pm

Pre-Dental Impressions and Cast Making


Mark A. Hunt, Sr., CDT

This one day course involves making upper and lower alginate impressions on maxillary and mandibular casts. The students will experience taking alginate impressions, which is a must in the dental profession.

Students will learn to mix alginate material by hand, learn placement of sufficient alginate in dental impression trays to produce a negative replica of cast models, and pour gypsum materials in impressions for durable stone casts. Also, students will learn to trim both upper and lower casts to proper dimensions and proper diagnostic height, with hand articulation (Orthodontic Technique).

Finally, the course will teach students timing of dental materials, speed, patience and confidence. The completed casts can be used as an extra education tool for Dental Technician, Dental Assistant and Dental Hygiene Schools. Each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion. Dental assistants and pre-dental students are encouraged to take this course.

Learning Objectives

• Learn to hand mix dental materials
• Learn adequate alginate impressions
• Learn to trim dental model to proper dimensional height for study purposes
• Learn to use Techniques on (dental model trimmer and dental vibrator)


* Total cost to attend course is $280

Each course has two required fees:

$130  Course Fee (payment to U.C. Regents)
$150  Required Impressions & Cast Kit Fee (payment to Vinmar Solutions)

Participants will need to purchase, from the instructor, a custom material and supply kit (which will be ready on the day of the course). Payment for the kit should be in the form of a check or money order made payable to VINMAR SOLUTIONS.  Include your name, address and phone number. Also indicate course name and date

Mail course registration form and course fee payment ($130) to:
UCLA Continuing Dental Education
Box 951668, Room B3-034 CHS
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1668

Pay Kit fee online at: or mail kit fee payment ($150) to:
Vinmar Solutions
c/o Mark Hunt, Sr.
12625 Frederick St., Suite I-5, #320
Moreno Valley CA 92553

Participants will need to bring writing material and a small container to carry items for homework.