Loan Verification

The UCLA School of Dentistry is required to verify the accuracy of financial aid documents submitted by students receiving financial aid. It is essential to note that we have the right to request additional information at any time in order to process your application for financial aid. The University is also responsible for determining each student’s financial need. Learn more about the School's methodology for determining financial need.

Ensuring the File is Complete

Before an applicant can be awarded financial aid, the applicant must have submitted all required forms. The applicant should check the status of his/her financial aid application at MyUCLA to be sure it is complete. If you have submitted documents to us, and do not see any of these listed as having been received, please remember that applications may take weeks to process due to the large applicant pool. If you have a question about any item still listed as outstanding, please contact the Financial Aid Office at

Special Circumstances

If your financial situation changes after you have filed the FAFSA application, you must submit the following to the School of Dentistry Financial Aid Office:

  • A letter explaining your special circumstances
  • Supporting documentation (special circumstances cannot be considered without supporting documentation)

Changes in your financial situation include but are not limited to loss of employment, reduction in work hours, disability, illness, separation, divorce, and/or death of a family member. The School of Dentistry Financial Aid Office or UCLA Financial Aid Office will contact you to request additional information if needed. It is your responsibility to submit your petition in a timely manner in order to accommodate the review process.  All documentation is to be submitted to the School of Dentistry’s Financial Aid Office unless otherwise instructed.

Accepting Your Loan

Debt Management Session/Entrance Exam

All students borrowing federal and/or campus-based student loans are required to participate in a Debt Management Session/Entrance Exam (DMS/EE). For convenience, the DMS/EE is available online to help students fulfill their UCLA and federal borrower requirements and to help them make informed financial decisions before accepting any loan offers.

Failure to complete a Debt Management Session/Entrance Exam may result in suspension and/or delay in receiving your financial aid.


Once your financial aid file is complete and reviewed, you will receive an email notification instructing you to log into MyUCLA to complete an eFAN (electronic Financial Aid Notification). The eFAN will specify the award type(s) and amount(s) for which you are eligible, and will lead you through the necessary steps to accept your aid. Information about the award types that may appear on your eFAN. 

You must complete the information requested in the eFAN in order for the processing of aid to be completed.

Master Promissory Notes

If you are borrowing money through a federal Direct Loan or a federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan, you must complete a Master Promissory Note. Please follow instructions on your eFAN to complete your Master Promissory Note(s). If you have previously completed a Master Promissory Note for a Direct or Direct Grad PLUS Loan from the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program, you may not be required to complete another for that type of loan.