Managing Your Aid

Financial Aid Electronic Refund

Summer 2019 Quarter

Bruin Direct: June 21, 2019

Accessing Funds

Provided that you have completed the necessary paperwork on time, your loan funds should arrive at the School of Dentistry in time to pay your registration fees. Please remember that the loans are issued in three disbursements for entering students and four disbursements (one each quarter) for continuing students. You may not access your funds until you have completed an Entrance Interview as required by the federal government.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are paid through the billing and receivables (BAR) system. Once registration fees and other University obligations have been paid, a check for the balance of funds will be generated. These checks, called Refund Checks, are either mailed or directly deposited through Bruin Direct to the student's bank account. If you would like more information about BAR, please visit the UCLA Student Financial Services website.

Changes to Your Budget

The School of Dentistry Financial Aid Office offers two forms if you need to request changes to your budget. Learn about and download the 18-19 Budget Increase Request Form. Learn about and download the 18-19 Housing Adjustment Form.

Repayments & Refunds

You should begin managing your debt in the first year of dental school and continue through graduation. It is a good idea to know your level of debt and how much money you will need to earn to repay your loans after graduation from dental school.

If you receive financial aid and subsequently do not enroll in the School of Dentistry or enroll and then withdraw, you will be required to return the financial aid you have received. Refund and repayment is based on published schedules and the date you officially withdraw.

UCLA Registrar's Office Refund Schdules

If you do not plan to attend the School of Dentistry, you must notify the school of your change in plans. If your enrollment status changes, please notify our office immediately as this may affect your financial aid eligibility.

Federal Student Aid -

Managing your debt and learning about various repayment options are essential while in school and beyond. is an excellent resource for counseling, budgeting and responsible borrowing.  This link also includes helpful videos. 

AAMC/ADEA Dental Loan Organizer and Calculator (DLOC)

This free on-line resource, for all dental students, will allow you to:

Organize, manage and save your student loan information in one secure location

  • View and explore loan repayment options in order to plan for repayment after graduation
  • Create your own unique repayment scenarios based on your personal loan portfolio and future residency/fellowship training period
  • Access the organizer and calculator 24/7

Sign in to the AAMC website and get started today!

Academic Calendar 2019-2020



Financial Aid

Loan Enrollment Period

Financial Aid Electronic Refunds

Per Quarter

Summer 2019 Quarter

June 20, 2019

07/01/19 – 08/30/19

Bruin Direct:  06/21/19

Fall 2019 Quarter

September 20, 2019

09/23/19 – 12/13/19

Bruin Direct:  09/13/19

Winter 2020 Quarter

December 20, 2019

01/06/20 – 03/20/20

Bruin Direct: 01/02/20

Spring 2020 Quarter

March 20, 2020

03/30/20 – 06/12/20

Bruin Direct: 03/20/20