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Program Overview

Oral Biology is the gateway to the scientific future of dentistry. The UCLA School of Dentistry offers a special and unique Oral Biology Preceptor Program. The goal of the OB preceptor program is to provide additional scientific educational experiences to dentists, or to provide an introductory overview to dentists who want to pursue a career in dental academia or in dental research. The program will enhance your understanding of the science of dentistry, and give you the knowledge and tools to build a better clinical practice by utilizing the resources of one of the best dental research programs in the United States. Under the guidance of internationally-recognized professors and researchers, you will learn about state-of-the-art dental technology and cutting-edge dental research, and you will be able to communicate one-on-one with leaders in both of these areas.

The program is structured to fit into UCLA’s Oral Biology Master’s Degree Program. Trainees attend school on a full-time basis, quarter by quarter beginning in the Fall Quarter of each calendar year. They attend classes with the currently enrolled Master’s Degree students. The curriculum includes lectures, seminars, current literature reviews and presentations.

Selected Oral Biology Course Titles
(Full Course Descriptions are in the Online Catalog):

  • Advanced Molecular and Cell Biology

  •  Fundamentals of Immunology

  • Pro-Seminar in Oral Biology Research

  •  Oral Embryology and Histology

  •  Craniofacial Growth and Development

  • Oral Biology Seminar

  • Developmental Neuro-Endocrine Immunology

  • Genomics and Proteomics

  • Ontogenesis

  • Clinical Immunology & Lymphology Seminar

  •  Current Topics in Oral Immunology

  •  Methodology in Research Design and Data Analysis

  • Pathobiology

  •  Scientific Ethics

A certificate of attendance is awarded upon successful completion of the program. This certificate is not the same as the postgraduate program certificate awarded to full-time international postgraduates in specialty training as a qualification for recognition by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Length of Program: The full preceptor program is three quarters for the required Master’s Degree course work: , Fall Quarter; Winter Quarter; Spring Quarter. However, it may take more than three quarters to finish any additional elective courses in which the trainee may be interested. Trainees enrollment MUST start in the Fall Quarter.

We look forward to your joining us to learn this incredible science for your practice!

Fees: $4,700 per quarter  (subject to change)*

Certificate Fee: one-time payment of $200

*Fees are due two weeks prior to the first day of the academic quarter.