Pocket Reduction and Crown Lengthening

Course Fee: $1100

30-day Early Registration: $990

CDE Credits: 9
November 14, 2020
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Saturday 8:00 am-6:00 pm

Enrollment is limited. Early registration advised.

A Periodontal Surgery Workshop



Paulo Camargo, DDS, MS
Professor & Chair of the Section of Periodontics, Associate Dean for Clinical Dental Sciences, Tarrson Family Endowed Chair in Periodontics

Philip R. Melnick, DMD
Lecturer, Section of Periodontics, UCLA School of Dentistry and private practitioner specializing in periodontics

Plus other UCLA faculty for the workshop
Excellent instructor/participant ratio


Periodontal flap surgery combined with osseous recontouring is a predictable technique to treat patients with moderate periodontitis and those who need elongation of clinical crowns to enhance restorative dentistry in non-esthetic areas. The surgical management of soft tissues and bone is also essential for those who intend to become involved with implant surgery. This hands-on workshop uses pig jaw models where participants will be able to practice full and split thickness flap preparation, resective osseous surgery and suturing.

Learning Objectives

• Rationale for periodontal treatment
• Indications and techniques for periodontal surgery
• Flap design and preparation
• Osseous resective surgery
• Suturing techniques
• Clinical crown lengthening: indications and surgical technique
• Anesthesia, pain management, and post-op care

Workshop Exercises

(exercises will be performed on pig jaws)  You will need to bring some instruments and supplies.

• Full thickness flap preparation
• Distal wedge
• Osseous recontouring
• Continuous sling sutures
• Split thickness flap preparation
• Osseous reduction for elongation of clinical crown
• Periosteal sutures

Participants will need to bring some hand instruments and supplies for the workshop


speakers/instructors and topics are subject to change without prior notice