Practical Occlusion

3 Day Course

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Practical Occlusion for Esthetics and Function

with Hands-on Workshops


Jimmy B. Eubank, DDS
Private Practice, Plano, TX

A thorough understanding of the principles of occlusion and application of concepts are prerequisites for predictable long lasting dentistry. These principles and their applications can be mastered by any dentist who is striving to deliver a higher quality of dentistry. A properly engineered occlusion not only improves the comfort and esthetics for our patients, but it makes seemingly complicated and difficult cases much easier to treat.

Learning Objectives
  • How to examine the joints, muscles and occlusion to properly diagnose problems and to identify the cases you should not treat
  • How to take an accurate centric relation record even on patients who resist
  • How to take an esthetically adjusted and functionally correct face bow
  • How to transfer the patient’s records to an articulator
  • How to analyze a set of mounted study models
  • How to use a set of forms that systematically records your findings and leads to a diagnosis
  • How to do a comprehensive bite analysis
  • Why everyone should have a comprehensive bite analysis by age 35
  • You will fabricate, adjust and deliver an ERS appliance
  • Verbal skills for patient acceptance of treatment
  • The three steps to verify you have an accurate centric relation record
  • The systematic steps and sequence to an occlusal equilibration

Dr. Jimmy B. Eubank is a nationally renowned leader in the field of aesthetic and functional dentistry, with over 35 years experience as a dental practitioner. He has the unique distinction of being the only professional in the world accredited as both a dentist and a laboratory technician by the AACD. In addition to his dual accreditation, he has trained with master ceramists in the United States and Europe, making him an end-to-end expert on esthetics and occlusion.

speakers/instructors and topics are subject to change without prior notice