Private Alternative Educational Loans

Some students may find it necessary to finance a portion of their education through private loan sources. Students must apply for private loans (aka. Private Alternative Educational Loans) on their own. Students often elect to apply for a private loan for the period during which they are studying for the state boards and/or for expenses incurred while applying for a residency program. Interest rates vary according to the lenders.

Because private loans are generally not federally guaranteed, the borrower must demonstrate credit-worthiness. This is based on an applicant’s personal credit history, including factors such as prior loan repayment records and current personal debt.

If you believe that you will need to seek private loan funds to help meet your education expenses while attending dental school, we suggest that you request a credit history report as soon as possible to evaluate your ability to secure private loan funds. Generally, a request for a credit history report requires four weeks to complete. Listed below are national credit reporting agencies that you may find helpful:

A free copy of your credit report can be obtained at

UC recommended private loan lenders for health professions students.

UC recommended private loan lenders for international students.

Loan Programs for International Students (no US co-signer required)

UC Code of Conduct regarding preferred lender arrangements.

Please note: We recommend that all eligible students use the federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan instead of a private loan if additional funds are needed.

International students who are able to secure a U.S. citizen or permanent resident as a co-signer may apply for a Private (Alternative) Education Loan through the list of preferred lenders. 

International students who are not able to find a U.S. citizen or permanent resident as a co-signer may be able to secure educational funding through their home country or other international lender.