Re-Certification in Pediatric Oral Sedation

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Course Fee: $400
CDE Credits: 8
April 4, 2020

online distance learning
 - fee rebates will be given to those enrolled at the previous full price


Course Fee: $600

30-day Early Registration: $ 540

November 7, 2020

in person @ UCLA

8:00 am - 5:00 pm


UPDATE:  The April 4, 2020 course has been reinstated and will be given online through distance learning.
More details to come. Full refunds will offered for those who do not wish to ultilize this media method.

The California Dental Board confirms this on-line course meets their criteria since there will be interaction and live instructors.



Christine Quinn, DDS, MS
Clinical Professor & Chair of the Section of Anesthesiology, Residency Program Director, UCLA School of Dentistry

Lenny Naftalin, DDS
Lecturer, Section of Anesthesiology, UCLA School of Dentistry and Private Practice, Los Angeles, CA


This course is designed to meet the California Business and Professions Code, Chapter 4, Article 2.85, Section 1647.13 requirement for “approved courses of study related to oral conscious sedation of minor patients as a condition of certification renewal as an oral conscious sedation provider.”

Learning Objectives
  • Review of medical, psychological and other factors that affect sedation of children

  • Recent research and literature pertaining to oral sedation in children

  • Guidelines that apply to oral sedation of minor patients in California

  • Management of emergencies related to oral conscious sedation of children


“Vastly superior (and almost unbelievably so different) to the other sedation courses in content and speaker quality. Amazed at the excellent retention of attendees.”


speaker/instructor subject to change without prior notice