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Program Overview

Thomas K. Lee, DDS
Program Director

The Restorative Dentistry Advanced Clinical Training (ACT) Program is an intensive two-year program designed to provide nationally- and internationally-trained dentists with clinical training in the broad realm of operative and restorative dentistry.

The program is a unique opportunity for those who seek additional restorative experience to supplement what has already been taught through formal dental education. The objective of the program is to take dentists to the next level in patient care and teaching skills while instilling a disciplined, and professional attitude. The curriculum is highly structured and rigorous; the first-year curriculum includes didactic courses and 240 hours of hands-on training in pre-clinical settings including inlays, onlays, porcelain veneers, ceramic restorations, and conservative cast gold restorations while using cutting-edge technology in digital dentistry. The emphasis of the second-year curriculum is for trainees to treat patients at the UCLA clinics, and to receive teaching experience by working with clinical faculty while observing and assisting other providers for comprehensive patient care.

The goal of this non-CODA-accredited program is to educate trainees the knowledge and skills equivalent to a two-year Operative Dentistry or Restorative Dentistry Program, and to become competent candidates for DDS/DMD or Post-doc accredited programs in USA. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the two-year program.

Length of program: 2 years, with optional third year pilot program

Number of positions: The program admits 12 trainees in the first year, 12 in the second year, and 2-3 in the third year. A successful completion of the 1st year ACT program is required to advance into the 2nd year ACT program.

Fees: $37,780 per year (subject to change)

Please note that half of the fees are due upon acceptance and the second half are due by the first day of the summer quarter.

Dental kit: Trainees will be responsible for purchasing dental supplies and equipment kit upon arrival in the program, the approximate cost is $13,363(subject to change) and will need to be purchased through the UCLA Health Sciences Store on the first day of the program. This expense is in addition to tuition fees stated above. 

Certificate Fee: One-time payment of $200.