Sinus Graft Workshop

Course Fee: $1100

Early Registration: $990

CDE Credits: 7
March 6, 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Predictable Augmentation for Implants:

Lecture, Hands-on Workshop and Live Surgery Demonstration



Peter K. Moy, DMD
Health Sciences Professor of Clinical Dentistry, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, UCLA School of Dentistry

Tara Aghaloo, DDS, MD, PhD
Professor, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Assistant Dean, Clinical Research, UCLA School of Dentistry

Joan Pi-Anfruns, DDS
Assistant Clinical Professor, Section of Oral andMaxillofacial Surgery, UCLA School of Dentistry


Sinus floor augmentation has become a routine procedure that enhances the outcome of dental implants placed in the posterior maxilla when insufficient bone volume is found. The question remains, what is the best choice of donor material to use for sinus grafting? This course will not only provide hands-on laboratory session to familiarize the participant with the surgical techniques, but also reveal the science behind selection of the appropriate donor material. The surgical technique will be demonstrated from flap design to accessing the sinus floor to proper soft tissue closure and finally to managing complications associated with sinus floor graft. Hands-on workshop will be performed on custom designed sinus models.


A live sinus augmentation surgery is planned to be performed by Dr. Peter Moy. This unique opportunity will give participants the surgeon’s view of the procedure performed in real-time. Participants will watch the live surgery and can interact with Dr. Moy while he performs the procedure.

Instruction will include hands-on workshops, lectures and a live surgical demonstration.

Attendance is strictly limited to maintain high instructor to participant ratio.

Learning Objectives

• Surgical approaches: lateral window and crestal approach
• Anatomy and physiology of the maxillary sinus
• Diagnosis and treatment planning
• 3D imaging for maxillary sinus augmentation
• Selection of donor material
• Soft tissue management
• Complications and management
• Workshop performed on plastic models and/or goat heads


speakers/instructors and topics are subject to change without prior notice