Soft Tissue Grafting

Course Fee: $950

30-day Early Registration: $855

CDE Credits: 8
January 30, 2021
date postponed

new date to be announced
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8:00 am-5:00 pm

Enrollment is limited. Early registration advised.

Soft Tissue Grafting Workshop for Functional and Esthetic Needs



Paulo Camargo, DDS, MS
Professor & Chair of the Section of Periodontics, Associate Dean for Clinical Dental Sciences, Tarrson Family Endowed Chair in Periodontics

Philip R. Melnick, DMD
Lecturer, Section of Periodontics, UCLA School of Dentistry and private practitioner specializing in periodontics

Plus other UCLA faculty for the workshop
Excellent instructor/participant ratio


Gingival recession is a common clinical problem for which patients often consult with the dental practitioner. Soft tissue grafts are highly predictable procedures to correct mucogingival deficiencies around natural teeth and dental implants. This hands-on workshop uses pig jaw models where participants will be able to perform conventional free gingival grafts as well as subepithelial connective grafts for root coverage. Additionally, participants will practice edentulous ridge augmentation with soft tissue for ovate pontic development on tooth and implant-supported restorations.

Topics Include
  • Diagnosis of mucogingival problems
  • Rational for mucogingival surgery
  • Indications for conventional mucogingival surgery
  • Free gingival graft technique
  • Procedures for predictable root coverage
  • Connective tissue graft technique
  • Management of the deficient edentulous ridge with connective tissue grafts
  • Ovate pontics
  • Anesthesia, pain management, and post-op care
Workshop Exercises

(exercises will be performed on pig-jaws)

  • Full thickness flap preparation
  • Free gingival graft to increase the dimensions of attached gingiva
  • Connective tissue graft for root coverage
  • Ridge augmentation with connective tissue graft

Participants will need to bring some hand instruments and supplies for the workshop


speakers/instructors and topics are subject to change without prior notice