TMD/OFP Mini-Residency

5 Session Course

Course Fee: $5450

30-day Early Registration: $4905

CDE Credits: 68

Summer/Fall 2019
Aug 9-10, Sep 13-14,
Oct 11-12, Nov 8-9,
Dec 13-14, 2019
7:00 am - 4:30 pm
8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain

Course Co-Directors


Robert L. Merrill, DDS, MS
Course Co-Director & Clinical Professor and Director, UCLA Orofacial Pain & Dental Sleep Medicine Residency, UCLA School of Dentistry

Ken Moore, DDS
Course Co-Director & Lecturer, UCLA Orofacial Pain & Dental Sleep Medicine

The mini-residency will be comprised of lectures on the temporomandibular joint disorders and clinical hands-on experience that will be comprised in examining, diagnosing and treating patients with TMD and orofacial pain disorders. Interest in TM disorders has gone through evolutionary and revolutionary changes.  Consensus on the treatment of TMD has been slowly developing but there is still great controversy over appropriate treatment for these problems. This course will provide training commensurate with standards of care that have been developing in the academic communities around the world over the last 3 decades.  The UCLA TMD Mini-Residency Program is designed to offer a comprehensive experience for the practicing dentist that will connect the medical and dental aspects of TMD.  At the completion of the program, the dentist should be able to diagnose and treat patients who have a temporomandibular joint disorder and be able to recognize other orofacial pain conditions.

Learning Objectives

• Review of orofacial pain including neuropathic pain and headache
• Physical evaluation of patients with TM disorders
• Imaging of the TM joint
• Introduction to dental sleep apnea
• Sleep bruxism and its relations to snoring and sleep apnea
• Myofascial pain and treatment protocol
• Oral appliances
• Medication management of TMD
• Psychology of chronic pain
• Relationship between occlusion and TMD


speakers/instructors and topics are subject to change without prior notice