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Non-Surgical Mid-Facial Expansion with Micro-Implant Assisted Maxillary Skeletal Expander (MSE)

Lecture and optional Workshop



Won Moon, DMD, MS

Thomas R. Bales Endowed Chair in Orthodontics, Program Director, Section of Orthodontics, Director, International Affairs, Section of Orthodontics and Associate Professor UCLA School of Dentistry


The primary aim of this presentation is to illustrate the dental and skeletal effects of maxillary expansion using the conventional rapid palatal expander (RPE), the surgically-assisted rapid palatal expander (SARPE), and the micro-implant assisted maxillary skeletal expander (MSE). Dental expansion, bone bending, and true skeletal expansion will be compared. The adverse clinical consequences of RPE and SARPE in high-angle cases will be explored, and a new approach eliminating these problems by the use of MSE will be presented. Clinical cases involving non-surgical midfacial expansion in both adolescent and adult patients will be examined in detail. Through these clinical examples, a proper MSE fabrication and expansion protocols will be illustrated.

The secondary aim is to demonstrate other advantages of utilizing MSE. Many patients requiring maxillary expansion often have narrow nasal airways, and positive changes in nasal airway with application of MSE are common. Clinical cases illustrating the enlargement of nasal airways after MSE in both adolescent and adult patients will be closely evaluated. With this concept of orthopedic expansion, MSE can aid in orthopedic correction of Class III cases when combined with a face-mask (FM). Clinical cases combining MSE and FM will be discussed in detail, and orthopedic effects will be illustrated. The use of growth modification techniques in conjunction with this new device opens the door to many new possibilities.

This course will cover a comprehensive overview of current usage of MSE and will also provide a thought-provoking possibility for those who are seeking more advanced applications of MSE.


 Lecture Learning ObjectivesUnderstanding the differences in expansion by RPE, SARPE and MSE

•  Differences between various designs of micro-implant assisted rapid palatal expanders (MARPE) and MSE (a particular type of MARPE).
•  How to produce parallel expansion of maxilla in occlusal and frontal planes with MSE
•  Nonsurgical orthopedic expansion in adults with MSE
•  Orthopedic expansion in high angle cases with MSE
•  Orthopedic protraction in high angle Class III cases with MSE and FM
•  Improving obstructive nasal airway with MSE
•  Proper fabrication of MSE
•  Expansion protocols based on skeletal maturity and biotype
•  Other skeletal impacts associated with MSE
•  Contraindications
•  New and Improved MSE
•  Future direction in utilization of MSE
•  Trouble shooting

Hands-on Workshop•  Workshop overview

•  Proper placement of MSE on the palatal vault
•  Proper supporting-arm adjustments and clinical tips
•  Micro-Implant Insertion Using the manual driver and Contrangle Driver
•  Activation with new wrench key
•  Removal of MSE with manual driver


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