"15 Visions" Graces the halls of the first and third floors

Posted on: Wednesday, 02/06/2019

George Mendoza artThanks to the generosity of artist, George Mendoza, “15 Visions” is the latest addition to the collection of art on display at the UCLA School of Dentistry. Full of vibrant colors and light, “15 Visions” comprises of 15 abstract pieces that reflect George's vision of the world.

As a teenager, George was diagnosed with juvenile macular degeneration, affecting his vision and leaving him in, what he describes as, a world of “shadows, bright colors and unending patterns.” Embracing the condition, George decided to create artwork from his literal vision, and this resulted in fantastical and colorful images.

“15 Visions” can be found on the first floor of UCLA School of Dentistry, its images providing inspiration and light to patients, visitors, students and faculty as part of an ongoing initiative to add color and culture to the school.

For more information about the artist, please visit his website.