Focus on Faculty

Posted on: Tuesday, 10/16/2018

Interview with Dr. Reuben Kim

Dean Krebsbach - When you started dental school in 1999, did you ever dream of being the chairperson of the largest section in the school?

Dr. Kim (link to bio) - No. I was just focused on being a good student. However, after my second year I started to think that I wanted to do something more than being a family dentist. I thought about being a teacher and a scientist. 

Dean Krebsbach - Do you remember the events that triggered this change in thinking?

Dr. Kim - Yes. I fell in love with research while doing research in Dr. No-Hee Park’s lab. He taught me that I could be both a clinician and a scientist.  I now have the best job in the world. I get to teach amazing students, continue to run my research program, and lead the section of Restorative Dentistry.

Dean Krebsbach - Can you share any pleasant surprises you may have had as a new section chair?

Dr. Kim - I think one of the things I like the most is that I started developing more personal relationships with my faculty colleagues. I like that.

Dean Krebsbach - What other aspects of your job do you enjoy?

Dr. Kim - I love to solve problems. I like to collect and analyze data, and use the information to solve problems. It’s like applying the scientific method to solve clinical and academic problems.

Dean Krebsbach - Reuben, you are going to be a great chair.  I already see many positive changes in your section.  Best wishes for continued professional growth and success.