Focus on Faculty: Dr. Don Fisher

Posted on: Tuesday, 02/13/2018

Don Fisher with studentsDean Krebsbach – The rumor on the streets is that you have taught in the school forever. How long have you actually been teaching at the UCLA School of Dentistry?

Dr. Fisher – I graduated with a DDS from Northwestern University in 1962 and then served in the U.S. Army for three years. I came to UCLA in 1965 and never looked back.

Dean Krebsbach – Well…that’s not quite forever, but it certainly must be close to a record.

Dr. Fisher – It may be a record. I have been here so long; I now realize I taught the parents of several of our current students. I even taught some of our senior faculty. In fact, I have taught every student who has ever graduated from the School of Dentistry.

Dean Krebsbach – What are the biggest changes you have seen in dental education over the years?

Dr. Fisher – That’s an easy one. Bonding, implants, and CAD/CAM were not even in our vocabulary in 1965.

Dean Krebsbach – What do you like most about UCLA Dentistry?

Dr. Fisher – You are asking easy questions. I’m most passionate about teaching our amazing students. I want to teach and mentor our student doctors to be the best dentists they can be.

Dean Krebsbach – Will you share a fun fact with us?

Dr. Fisher – I have won a teaching award in about 13 of the past 17 years since I officially retired and about 15 other teaching awards before that. I’m also proud to have won the very first teaching award by a graduating class – 1968.

Dean Krebsbach – Dr. Fisher, you have positively impacted many generations of clinicians. Thank you.