Meet an Alum: Dr. Michael Nedjat-Haiem, Class of 2020

Posted on: Monday, 11/09/2020

Dr. Michael Nedjat-Haiem

Newly minted dentist, Dr. Michael Nedjat-Haiem, knew at an early age that he wanted to positively impact the world and make a difference, so he drifted towards dentistry at the end of his undergraduate years at UCLA. Dr. Nedjat-Haiem was drawn towards dentistry due to his strong passion for the sciences as well as having the chance to combine his manual skills with his sharp perceptual ability. He was elated to attend the UCLA School of Dentistry and felt that the esteemed faculty, exceptional students, and the wonderful outreach and research opportunities provided a fulfilling training experience. 

Dr. Nedjat-Haiem recently started a postgraduate program in Orthodontics and Craniofacial Orthopaedics at the University of Connecticut and attributed his acceptance into this program to his research activities, volunteer work, and teaching experiences while at UCLA. He was elected the class president for four consecutive years in dental school and had the opportunity to use his leadership skills to serve his fellow classmates.

Reflecting on Dental School

While in dental school, Dr. Nedjat-Haiem made a point to immerse himself in as many activities as he could. He conducted research earlier on in his dental training and focused on the effects of the mini screw-assisted rapid palatal expander on patients and how it affects nasal airflow resistance and function. He presented this innovative research at several conferences, including the International Association of Dental Research annual session in Canada and the American Association of Dental Research conference. He also served as the vice president of the National Student Research Group and the chair of the ASDA Research Committee at UCLA.

Dr. Nedjat-Haiem also prioritized volunteer work and community outreach and made a concerted effort to help the community by acting as a coordinator for the Dental Education Outreach program where he organized school visits and health fairs throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District and Salvation Army. 

Dr. Nedjat-Haiem continues to acknowledge philanthropic support as an important factor which enabled him to focus on his research and obtain a world-class education. He was awarded the Dental Foundation of California Endowed Scholarship for four consecutive years. “The scholarships I received paid for a significant amount of my dental training and I am incredibly thankful for the generous donors who helped make this possible,” he said.

As he embarks on his postgraduate certificate, Dr. Nedjat-Haiem would like to thank the individuals who helped him on his path. “It has been a privilege to receive a top-notch dental education at a world-renowned university such as UCLA. The dedicated and esteemed faculty hold us to the highest standard and spend countless hours working to ensure that we always have the proper resources to succeed. I will use the knowledge I gained to properly diagnose and treat my future patients with good judgment, integrity, and compassion.”