Spotlight on Alumni: Dr. Jonathan Do

Posted on: Monday, 04/15/2019

Dr. Jonathan Do, DDS ’09, AEGD ’10, Perio. & Implant Surgery ’13
Alumni Association President

What interests you about being involved with the school and engaging alums to give back?

I am indebted to UCLA. I have a great life now because of the education I received, the friends I made, and the mentorship I received at UCLA. It is only right for me to be involved with the school, to help teach and mentor the students, and to pass it forward.

In what ways did the UCLA SoD prepare you for your professional practice/endeavors?

The UCLA School of Dentistry provided me with the opportunity and training to be a dentist, a periodontist, and educator. I am a capable clinician and teacher. I love what I do. Every day, I am helping patients to improve the health of their mouth, and they are grateful for what I do for them. All of this is possible because of the education I received at UCLA.

What is one of your fondest memories while you trained at UCLA SoD?

I have numerous fond memories; it is hard to pick a single fondest one. I enjoyed dental school and residency, and eight years went by in blink thanks to my friends and fellow residents.

Who were your mentors who supported you throughout your training? What qualities did those mentors have?

In dental school, my mentor was Dr. William Morgan. I admired his work, looked up to him, and worked with him extensively in the advanced restorative clinic. In fact, most of my restorative requirements were completed under Dr. Morgan’s supervision during night clinic on Tuesdays. When I was offered a position in the UCLA AEGD a few weeks before graduation, I called and sought his advice. He said, ‘if I were you, I would accept the offer.’ Accepted the offer—I did!

In periodontics residency, my mentors were Drs. Thomas Han and Henry Takei. Dr. Han is a highly skilled clinician, and forward thinker. He is kind and generous. I enjoyed and miss having treatment discussions with him. He pushed me to be a better clinician, to understand biology, and to think outside the box. Dr. Takei has taught me so much about dentistry, periodontics, practice, teaching, life, how to be happy, how to be a good husband, and a good father even though I don’t have any kids yet. He is like a father to me. He even officiated my wedding!

Drs. Han, Morgan, and Takei genuinely cared about me. They took the time to help me to grow as a person and a clinician. They believed in me. They were patient, supportive and encouraging. It was never about them, their ego, or their way. It was always about me, my growth, and my development.