UCLA Dentistry Sweeps IADR/AADR General Session with multiple awards

Posted on: Wednesday, 06/26/2019

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The 2019 IADR General Session, held in Vancouver, Canada last week (June 18-22, 2019), wrapped up this past Saturday and the list of recognition and awards that the UCLA School of Dentistry received is long and well-deserved.

Drs. Paul Krebsbach, Cun-Yu Wang, and David Wong were all named 2019 AADR Fellows, a program that recognizes oral health leaders and those who have contributed and supported IADR/AADR’s mission.

Several junior research investigators were recognized with prestigious awards, including:

  • Dr. Jiayu Shi, PhD candidate and third-year orthodontics resident, received first place in the Senior Basic Science category of the IADR Unilever Hatton competition for her project titled: “Inactivated-bisphosphonate Boosts Bone-targetedness of Systemic NELL-1 Therapy for Spaceflight-induced Osteoporosis.” She also received second place in the senior category of the AADR Hatton Competition for the same project. Dr. Shi is a member of Drs. Kang Ting and Chia Soo’s lab. Additional authors on the study, include: Author list: Jiayu Shi, Pin Ha, Hsin Chuan Pan, Jong Kil Kim, Yulong Zhang, Eric Chen, Tam Duong, Lloyd Baik, *Jin Hee Kwak, *Kang Ting, and *Chia Soo.

  • Dr. Akrivoula Soundia, PhD candidate, received first place in the senior category of the AADR Hatton competition for her project titled: “Local RANKL Delivery Improves MRONJ in Bisphosphonate Treated Rats.” She is a member of Dr. Sotirios Tetradis’ lab. Additional authors on the study, include: Danny Hadaya, Ioannis Gkouveris, Yee Chau, Olga Bezouglaia, Tara Aghaloo, and Sotirios Tetradis.

The Hatton Competition recognizes junior researchers who exhibit potential for a productive career in dental research.

  • Dr. Danny Hadaya, DDS ’17 and current PhD candidate, received the AADR Bloc Travel grant, which covered his travel expenses to the general session to present his research, titled: “Discontinuation of Zoledronic Acid vs a RANKL-Inhibitor.” He is a member of Dr. Sotirios Tetradis’ lab. Additional authors on the project, included: Akrivoula Soundia, Ioannis Gkouveris, Yee Chau, Olga Bezouglaia, Tara Aghaloo, and Sotirios Tetradis.

  • Dr. Sahar Ansari, lecturer of prosthodontics, was awarded the Innovation in Oral Care for her research project on: “A Growth-Factor-Free Adhesive Hydrogel for Craniofacial Bone Tissue Engineering”

    Repair and regeneration of craniofacial bone defects have been widely achieved with bone grafting procedures. Several disadvantages are associated with this treatment modality, making bone regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) an advantageous alternative therapeutic option. The authors aim to engineer a novel regenerative and adhesive hydrogel based on alginate hydrogel containing gingival stem cell/whitlokite microparticles which can be used as a novel growth-factor-free treatment approach for bone tissue regeneration and osteoclast-mediated bone loss. Co-Investigator: Tara Aghaloo

  • Joseph Mullen, student dentist in the Class of 2020, won second place in the basic science category for the 411 Rapid Research Competition, hosted by the AADR National Student Research Group. He was initially chosen as one of seven finalists to present his research at the annual session. The award came with a $500 cash prize. His presentation was titled: “Microbiome Changes in Orthodontic Patients with Brackets versus Clear Aligners.” His faculty mentor was Dr. Renate Lux. 

  • Dr. Drake Williams, DDS ’17, PhD ’19, was formally recognized as the 2018 ADA Foundation Dentsply Sirona Research Award for Dual Degree Candidates. Although this award is not an official IADR/AADR award, the sponsor, Dentsply, also awards junior researcher at the general session.

    Dr. Williams is investigating the role of commensal microbiome in the pathogenesis of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ). His research contributes to the understanding of the microbiome’s impact – for example, in terms of bacterial infiltration – on MRONJ development. He is also investigating the interrogation of microbiome influence on oral and maxillofacial angiogenesis. His faculty mentor is Dr. Reuben H. Kim.