UCLA School of Dentistry partners with Wilshire State Bank to provide dental care to the community

Posted on: Thursday, 07/25/2013

In a collaborative partnership between Wilshire State Bank and the UCLA School of Dentistry, the two entities have embarked on a mission to reshape patient care and dentistry education for bank customers and residents of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The bank, which serves multi-ethnic small and mid-sized business communities, recently pledged $100,000 for a 5-year period to the dental school to provide free dental care to the community.

The funding will deliver oral health screening exams, oral care instructions and dental home care kits to people who are in dire need of dental care. In addition, the treatment plans generated by these screenings will create an opportunity for those severely lacking in access to receive definitive dental care and oral health education at the UCLA School of Dentistry’s clinics.

The funding establishes the Wilshire State Bank Community Outreach Fund, a fund which will cover part of the supplies to examine, screen and treat individuals each year. The School of Dentistry will also contribute $100,000 in in-kind donations including faculty time and expertise, and additional supplies and staff support in the School clinic. The patient examination and screening procedures will be held at a local bank branch, and actual dental treatment will be held at the School’s Westwood clinic for selected patients from the screening procedures. Dental students will also be active participants in the event.

“Wilshire State Bank has a large presence in downtown Los Angeles and the health and well-being of the citizens of this community are extremely important to us,” said Jae Whan Yoo, President and CEO of Wilshire State Bank. “I couldn’t be more pleased about our partnership with the UCLA School of Dentistry and the goodwill the collaboration will provide to the community.”

“Dentists tend to be the health care providers who diagnose health problems in their early stages. A large percentage of systemic diseases have oral manifestations, including swollen gums, mouth ulcers, dry mouth and excessive gum problems, said Dr. No-Hee Park, dean of the UCLA School of Dentistry. “By providing dental screenings and treatment for people who don’t have adequate access to dental care, we are potentially saving lives.”

The initial screening will take place on Saturday, October 12 at the Wilshire State Bank headquarter and the necessary dental care will take place the following Saturday, October 19 at the UCLA School of Dentistry Westwood Clinic at 10833 Le Conte Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90095. Complimentary transportation will be provided to the School of Dentistry’s Westwood clinic to patients who are receiving dental treatment.

Wilshire State Bank is focused on serving wide multi-ethnic communities and lending hands to assist under-served and under-privileged in surrounding neighborhood in which we serve. Wilshire State Bank’s mission is to be the leading community bank serving multi-ethnic business owners in key U. S. markets. Focusing upon professionalism, teamwork, and service excellence, Wilshire State Bank will deliver the highest level of customer-focused financial services, and our success will benefit our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities we serve.

The UCLA School of Dentistry is dedicated to improving the oral and systemic health of the people of California, the nation and the world through its teaching, research, patient care and public service initiatives. The School of Dentistry provides education and training programs that develop leaders in dental education, research, the profession and the community. The School of Dentistry also conducts research programs that generate new knowledge, promote oral health and investigate the cause, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral disease in an individualized disease-prevention and management model; and delivers patient-centered oral health care to the community and the state.