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Posted on: Friday, 04/11/2014

Dr. Early Freymiller receives teaching award

Dr. Freymiller Selected as a Distinguished Teacher

The UCLA Academic Senate Committee on Teaching selected Dr. Earl Freymiller for a Distinguished Teaching Award for Senate Faculty. He received one of only six awards issued from a large field of nominees. The award is a testimony to his accomplishments as a teacher and shows how much of an impact he makes on his students and colleagues. Dr. Freymiller will be recognized at the annual “Andrea L. Rich Night to Honor Teaching” ceremony during the coming Fall Quarter. 

Dr. Freymiller is the Bob and Marion Wilson Endowed Chair, Professor of Clinical Dentistry, and Chair of the Section of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Chair of the Division of Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences.

Congratulations Dr. Freymiller on achieving such distinction. Your hard work is truly appreciated.

Dr. Flavia Pirih accepts teaching award from Dean ParkRecognizing Excellence in Teaching

Dean Park presented Dr. Flavia Pirih the 2014 Award for Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring in Periodontics from the American Academy of Periodontology and Education Committee.

Dr. Pirih is an Assistant Professor in the Section of Periodontics in the Division of Associated Clinical Specialties. She is also Director of the Pre-doctoral Periodontics program and teaches at the pre- and post-graduate levels.

Congratulations Dr. Pirih on this award.

Dr. David Wong Recognized for His DedicationDr. David Wong Receives Mentor Award

Dr. David Wong was awarded the 2014 American Association for Dental Research (AADR) Student Research Group Mentor Award by the AADR National Student Research Group Officers. Each year, one faculty mentor is chosen from student nominations nationwide. The award was established in order to provide national recognition for outstanding faculty advisors.

Dr. Wong is the Felix and Mildred Yip Endowed Chair in Dentistry and a Professor in the Section of Oral Biology in the Division of Oral Biology and Medicine. He is also the Associate Dean of Research and the Director of the UCLA Center for Oral/Head and Neck Research. 

Congratulations Dr. Wong on this award, your dedication to mentoring future dental leaders is truly appreciated.

Jin Hee Kwak Wins Research Competition
Dr. Jin Hee Kwak Wins Johnson & Johnson Award

This past March, Dr. Jin Hee Kwak, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Section of Orthodontics, Division of Associated Clinical Specialties, won second place in the Johnson & Johnson Hatton Awards Competition. The award was presented at the 43rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the American Association of Dental Research, which took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Kwak’s research presentation titled “PEGylated NELL-1 as Novel Platform Technology for Systemic Osteogenic Therapy,” dealt with the chemical modification of osteogenic cytokine NELL-1 using PEGylation technology, to enhance NELL-1’s pharmacokinetics for its application as a systemically administered osteogenic therapy. This exciting report of successful in vitro and in vivo results presents PEGylated NELL-1 as a novel platform technology for the systemic treatment of various osteodeficient disorders including osteoporosis and post-surgical healing of large or medically-compromised skeletal defects.

Along with the award, Dr. Kwak received a full sponsorship to cover all travel and accommodation expenses to Cape Town, South Africa to compete in the 92nd General Session & Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research, taking place on Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

Congratulations Dr. Kwak on this award and best of luck at the competition.

Drs. Dean Ho and Cun-Yu Wang Leading the Way in Drug Development

Dr. Dean Ho named to VP of Board of SLASDr. Dean Ho was name the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) - an 18,000-member society focused on new drug development, automation, and screening/diagnostics. SLAS which bridges academic and industry/government innovation. Dr. Dean Ho is currently a Professor in the Division of Oral Biology and Medicine, the Division of Advanced Prosthodontics, and Co-Director of the Weintraub Center for Reconstructive Biotechnology.Dr. Cun-Yu Wang named to SLAS Advisory BOard

Dr. Cun-Yu Wang was elected to the Scientific Advisory Board for the Journal of Laboratory Automation, an official SLAS publication. The Advisory Board represents over 10 National Academy memberships, including two individuals who are members of all 3 National Academies and includes a member of President Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. Dr. Wang was also named to the Asia Honorary Directorate for SLAS. Dr. Wang is the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, the Dr. No-Hee Park Endowed Chair in Dentistry, and the Chair of the Division of Oral Biology and Medicine.

Academic Personnel Actions (January - April, 2014)
First Name Last Name Division Title Hire Date
ALEXANDER                      PATINO                         RESTORATIVE        LECTURER 1/16/14
JAMES                          HALJUN                         RESTORATIVE/VDC    LECTURER 2/3/14
SIAMK                          ABAI                           ADV. PROSTH        LECTURER 2/6/14
SAHAR                          MIRFARSI                       ORAL BIOLOGY/OFP LECTURER 2/18/14
JOAN                           PI ANFRUNS                     RESTORATIVE/ORAL SURG HS ASST CLIN PROF      3/10/14
SAM                            NAIM                           PERIODONTICS       LECTURER 4/1/14
SCOTT                          FOSSE                          RESTORATIVE        LECTURER 4/1/14
TERRY                          AHN                            RESTORATIVE        LECTURER 4/1/14
ROBERT                         REYTO                          RESTORATIVE          LECTURER 4/1/14
ARTA                           FARAHMAND                      PERIODONTICS       LECTURER 4/1/14
CHRISTOPHER                    DIXON                          PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY           LECTURER 4/2/14
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