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Posted on: Friday, 04/11/2014

UCLA's ASDA Chapter Swept the 2014 ASDA Annual Session

Congratulations are in order to the UCLA ASDA Chapter on their resounding success at this year's ASDA Annual Session, which took place at the end of February in Anaheim, California.

Our very own dental student, Kris Mendoza, Class of 2015, was appointed the 2014-2015 National ASDA President. HIs work ethic and leadership style won over the 500+ attendees at the conference.

In addition to Mr. Mendoza's new appointment, the following achievements were recognized: 

ASDA Chapter receives several awards
  • Best Newsletter in Competition - Jeremy Chau (2016) and Erik Balinghasay (2016)

  • Best Website in Competition - Sami Shahhal (2016) and Selina Sarno (2016)

  • Outstanding Pre-Dental Involvement - Greg Asatrian (2016) and Eric Chen (2016)

  • 2nd Place in Pre-Dental Recruitment - Greg Asatrian (2016) and Eric Chen (2016)

  • Excellence in Social Media - Max Bachour (2016)Clayton Chan (2016), and Sarav Patel (2015)

  • Most Creative Scrapbook Presentation - Jeff Yoshihara (2016)

  • District 11 Delegate of the Year - David Lindsey (2015)

  • Michael Hoang (2015)Olivia Yue (2015), and Amy Tam (2015) presented their research at the ASDA Student Research Poster Session.  Michael was awarded the Student Choice Award.

  • Matt Stephens (2017) was elected as the ASDA District 11 Secretary

Congratulations again to the entire UCLA ASDA Chapter on such a successful year. Your dedication and hard work has consistently made the UCLA chapter one of the strongest in the country.

Serving the Public

The UCLA School of Dentistry signed two patient care contracts with Los Angeles County to provide general dentistry and endodontic services to HIV positive/AIDS patients. The contract will run for two years and will bring a total of $1.18 million per year in funding to the School. The funds are being channeled through the Ryan White Program and are renewable on a yearly basis.

The new contracts will enable the provision of dental care to underserved and financially disadvantaged individuals who live with HIV/AIDS as well as support our educational programs with an influx of more than 1,000 patients per year. The next steps in implementing this program will be announced in the coming months.

Lastly, the School would like to recognize and thank Dr. Fariba Younai for her pivotal role in initially identifying the opportunity to apply for these funds and for assisting in the negotiations between UCLA and L.A. County.

Introducing the 2013-2014 Albert Schweitzer Fellows

Albert Schweitzer Fellows 2013-2014The UCLA School of Dentistry is proud to introduce the 2013-2014 Los Angeles Schweitzer Fellows. Over the past year, four UCLA DDS students have spent countless hours coordinating service projects as part of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship program. Since 2007, the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship has been dedicated to developing a pipeline of emerging professionals with the skills and commitment necessary to address unmet health needs. Last year (2012-2013) was the first year that a UCLA dental student participated in the program. This year's particpation brings the total up to five UCLA DDS students that have made an impact in the community through the program. 

This year’s fellows focused on the following projects:

Ryan Brennan '14 (pictured 2nd from the left) provided oral hygiene information and dental care to the homeless and underserved. His community sites were MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity) Dental Clinic and Homeless Not Toothless. Over the course of nine sessions, with Ryan spearheading the coordination efforts, he and 94 other UCLA dental students and 13 supervising UCLA faculty were able to treat 187 patients and perform 364 procedures. An exciting development that came from Ryan's project is that the two clinic sites, MEND and Homeless Not Toothless, will continue to be served as part of the UCLA ASDA Community Service Committee.

Clark Knowlton '16 and Jared Kenney '14 (pictured 3rd and 4th from the left) are instructing and motivating preschool parents on the importance of child oral hygiene, and they are implementing an oral hygiene program in preschools. Their community sites are First 5 LA and Breastfeed LA, and one of their faculty mentors is Dr. Chanel McCreedy.

Nidhi Taneja '14 (pictured 1st from the left) is improving the oral health of mothers, infants, and children through screenings and education courses and materials. Nidhi’s community site is the Venice Family Clinic’s Simms/Mann Health & Wellness Center.  She chose this project because she clearly understands the need and value of helping the underserved. Nidhi is from India, where limited access to healthcare underscores the need for preventive healthcare. Through the support of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Program and her faculty mentor, Dr. Francisco Ramos-Gomez, she was able to commit to making a small but worthy difference in the community. She plans to stay involved in the community and give back throughout her career.

The School of Dentistry is proud of this year's fellows for their public service endeavors. Keep up the great work.

Give Kids A Smile - Another Successful Year

This year’s Give Kids A Smile event was a resounding success. The annual outreach event took place on Saturday, February 8th, at the Children's Dental Center in the city of Inglewood. Thanks to this year’s coordinators, Peter Nguyen and Andy Ko, first year pediatric dentistry residents, 150 children were screened by the Colgate Mobile Van and 63 patients received treatment, including radiographs, cleanings, restorations, pulp therapy and over 200 sealants. Sixteen UCLA residents and several dental school faculty were on-hand to provide supervision to the DDS students. View all of the photos from this year's event. Photos courtesy of Brendan John.

Group gathered for the Give Kids A Smile event

In addition to treatment, 93 dental students provided oral hygiene instruction and diet counseling. A special thanks to the following supporters:

  • Faculty at the UCLA School of Dentistry

  • Colgate Outreach and the Mobile Dental Van

  • Kerr Total Care

  • GC America

  • Dentists and Staff from the Children's Dental Center in Inglewood, CA

  • Premier Dental Products

  • Henry Schein

  • American Dental Association

Two Endo Residents Receive Grants to Conduct Cutting-Edge Research

Two Endodontics residents received research grants from the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) Foundation. Dr. Alan Commet (pictured at left), a 2nd year resident studying under Dr. Mo Kang, received $16,000 for his project titled, “new regulatory mechanism for pulpal and periradicular inflammation.” Dr. Michelle Dang (pictured at right), a 1st year resident studying under Dr. Reuben Kim, received $14,000 for her project titled, “the role of periodical inflammation in osteonecrosis of the jaw in mice."

Alan Commet    Michelle Dang receives scholarship

Congratulations Drs. Commet and Dang.

Keeping Our Clinics Clean

A Clinic Pride Day was held on Saturday, March 8, 2014. Volunteer students, faculty and staff members scrubbed clean the 2nd and 3rd floor clinics as well as the the 3rd floor laboratory. Maintaining the state of the clinics and laboratories are an important part of being a DDS student. The School of Dentistry wishes to thank the following individuals for their participation. It was a true group effort. 

Faculty Members

Dr. Jeff Goldstein

Dr. James Kelly

Dr. Paulo Camargo


Staff Members

Hillal Latif (with wife Angela, daughter Veronica and son Bradley)


4th Year Student

Dmitriy Ivanov


3rd Year Students

Jennifer Sun

Ann Nguyen

Kavita Sainanee

Crystal Thompson

Keegan Quadros

Sanaz Mohseni

Brian Ly

Brittany Ko

Alex McMahon

David Lindsay

Adrien Hamedi-Sangsari

Rishal Ambaram

Rohin Ambaram

Mark Ortega

Grant Burgdorf

Geetha Koneru

2nd Year Students

Anthony Fioretti

Johnson Wong

Andrew Levin

Alison Ozeki

Lance Peery

Norman Chen

Jeremy Chau

Elizabeth Woo

Adelheid Limansubroto

Eugenio Aquino

Steven Petritz

Quinn Yost (with guest Jessy Brett)

Linda Phi

Clark Knowlton

Rebecca Moss (with guest Joni Fountain)

Max Bachour

Scott Lemmons


1st Year Students

Kyle Low

Janine Tran

Randy Ewing

Andrew Pham

Sara Kwong

Priscila Lee

Amir Todros

Ryan Wong

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