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Posted on: Monday, 11/20/2017

Bringing Hope to Bank Customers

Bank of Hope

In partnership with Bank of Hope, UCLA Dentistry students, residents, and faculty volunteered at an annual health fair and screening event on Saturday, November 11. This is the fifth year of the partnership, which was established in 2013 as a way to reshape patient care and dentistry education for bank customers and residents of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The collaboration delivers oral health screening exams, oral care instructions, and dental home care kits to people who are in dire need of dental care.

Thank you to community partner, Bank of Hope, for hosting this health fair at the bank’s downtown Los Angeles headquarters; and providing the support needed to pull off this worthwhile event.

Six Years and Counting at Care Harbor

More than 30 faculty members, residents, and pre-doctoral students volunteered at the annual fall Care Harbor event on Saturday, November 18. This is the School’s sixth year of attending and providing dental care to a population that is in need of attention. Care Harbor provides free medical, dental, and vision care to the uninsured, underinsured, and underserved. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and expertise to those who need it the most.

Students at Care Harbor

Another Successful Homeless Not Toothless Event

UCLA pre-doctoral students, residents, and faculty once again volunteered their time at a Homeless Not Toothless event on Saturday, August 19. The group provided over $17,000 of pro-bono treatment to homeless Veterans, foster children, and women of domestic violence. The gentleman in the photo was “adopted” by a neighborhood in town because he has been landscaping the medium in the area. Over 40 families have sponsored him by driving him to doctors and dentists appointments, and have even secured him a job at a landscaping company. He has gone from homeless to employed!Homeless Not Toothless event

Taking Pride in Our Clinics

Clinic Pride Days were held on the mornings of Saturday, July 29 and Saturday, November 11. Thanks to our repeated attendees and newcomers! The school also expresses its special appreciation to the UCLA Associated Student Body cabinet and to Dr. Jeff Goldstein’s office for coordinating the logistics of each the event.

Clinic Pride Days provide the clinics and clinic laboratory with more extensive cleaning, de-cluttering/organization, and collection and re-stocking of clinic supplies. As usual, a great aspect of Clinic Pride Days is the camaraderie among the participants. They provide an opportunity for all of us to interact with each other in a relaxed atmosphere, which can often be difficult to do during business hours.    

July 29th Volunteers:

Staff member: Hillal Latif; faculty members: Jeff Goldstein, Marc Hayashi, and Paulo Camargo; 4th-year students: Jason Gong, Melissa Lin, Taylor Nakashima, and Catherine Vu; 3rd-year students: Albert Chan, Kearny Chang, Daniel Citron, Apurva Kulkarni, Nhi Le, Leanne Lin, Jignesh Modha, Maria Monert Rosabal, Martin Nguyen, Arth Patel, Shalin Patel, Sonali Rehil, Palak Sheth, Gurpreet Singh, Richard Song, and Neil Tamashiro-Miyamoto; 2nd-year students: Kent Akin, Victoria Chen, Layla Fijany, Andrew Ikazaki, and Darren Nhan; 1st-year students: Brook Brannon, Brian Chiusano, and Youngshin Lee; and undergraduate student: Courtney Nguyen.

November 11th Volunteers:

Staff: Antonio Miranda; faculty members: Jeff Goldstein and Sidney Brownstein; 3rd-year students: Gregory Chan, Kearny Chang, Ryan Gaw, John Le, Alexander Lee, Martin Nguyen, Gurpreet Singh, Neil Tamashiro-Miyamoto, and An Qi (Angel) Wu; 2nd-year students: Rhett Baynes, Miriam Herrera-Salgado, and Jessie Jiang; 1st-year students: Qi Rong (Lucas) Chen, Jessica Chiang, Lauren Lill, Troy Monson, Joseph Uhm, Roxana Vargas, and Elianne Vazquez.