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Posted on: Wednesday, 04/25/2018

Work on Something Important: Research Day 2018

Research Day 2018 was a resounding success, the dental school welcomed Dr. Gregory A. Prince, a UCLA Dentistry Class of ‘73 alum, as its keynote speaker. Dr. Prince spoke about his journey after graduation from UCLA and how he embarked on three different career paths. He highlighted the many lessons he learned along the way, including some important words of wisdom; “work on something important.” In closing, Dr. Prince underscored that if and when student dentists show initiative in research while in dental school, the opportunities are boundless. This is truly what sets the UCLA School of Dentistry apart as a world-class research university.

We would like to thank Dr. Prince for best exemplifying, through his keynote address and his distinguished career, what is possible when UCLA preparation meets opportunity.

We’d also like to congratulate the poster competition winners.

Dental Students Category

  • 1st Place: Joseph Mullen, Mentored by DrsRenate Lux (pictured at far left) 

  • 2nd Place: Richard Song, Mentored by Dr. Zhong Zheng & Chia Soo (pictured at far right)

  • Tie – 3rd Place: An qi (Angel) Wu, Mentored by Dr.  Bo Yu (pictured 2nd from the right)

  • Tie – 3rd Place: Andrew Ikazaki, Mentored by Dr. Renate Lux (pictured 3rd from the left)

Master’s Student/Residents Category

  • 1st Place: Akrivoula Soundia, Mentored by DrSotirios Tetradis (pictured at far right)

  • 2nd Place: Michael Hoang, Mentored by Drs. Yong Kim (pictured in the center)

  • 3rd Place: Pouya Zafarnia, Mentored by Dr. Alireza Moshaverinia (pictured 2nd from the left)

PhD Student/Postdoctoral Fellow Category

  • 1st Place: Sung Hee Lee, Mentored by Dr. Ki-Hyuk Shin (pictured at far left)

  • 2nd Place: Danny Hadaya, Mentored by Dr. Sotirios Tetradis (pictured at far right)

  • 3rd Place: Samantha Chiang, Mentored by Dr. David Wong (pictured at center)

Serving the Community

Our students and faculty continue to be valuable care providers at various large health fairs throughout LA County. At the end of 2017, the dental school participated in the annual Care Harbor event. The dental school was among several organizations that offered cleanings, fillings, extractions, partial dentures, oral cancer screenings, and root canal surgery.

“Being able to work alongside fellow faculty members as well as exposing residents and pre-doctoral students to this worthwhile event, is something I look forward to year after year,” said Dr. Edmond Hewlett, professor of restorative dentistry and associate dean for outreach and diversity. “Providing quality dental care to the community is among the dental school’s most important priorities and Care Harbor provides a perfect avenue to fulfill our mission.”

The Section of Pediatric Dentistry held its annual Gike Kids A Smile event at the beginning of February at the Children’s Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles, Inglewood, Calif. Twenty-three student-, resident-, and faculty-volunteers treated more than 100 children and provided nearly $16,000 worth of services, including oral hygiene instruction, oral screenings, X-rays, fluoride treatment, sealant, restorations, and tooth extractions.