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Posted on: Friday, 10/28/2016

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Collaborative Partnership Nets 250 Free Procedures for the Community

For the fourth year in a row, the UCLA Dental Clinics partnered with Bank of Hope (formerly Wilshire Bank) – a regional Korean-American bank – to provide free dental care to underserved people living in or near the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles.

On Sat., October 22, more than 200 adults and children had the opportunity to have their oral health evaluated and assessed at a screening event that was held at the bank’s Olympic Blvd. branch. After a thorough evaluation from a dental student or resident, and supervising faculty, and if the patient’s case was deemed treatable, they were scheduled to attend a treatment day the following Saturday.

At the treatment day on Sat., October 29, a team of volunteers made up of dental students, residents, and faculty, provided over 250 different procedures to the nearly 115 patients, all free-of-charge. Procedures included radiology services, deep cleaning, endodontic treatments, extractions, restorations, sealant applications, and advanced treatment planning.

“This annual event provides dental care for people who don’t regularly see a dentist,” said Dr. Paulo Camargo, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs. “This event is always well-attended and just shows how dental care is an area that can be easily neglected, but is so important to one’s overall health.”

The two-weekend event also allowed Korean dental students to flex their language muscles who acted as valuable translators to those patients who spoke little English.

“This event is a way for our Korean-American students to become more familiar with the Korean community of Los Angeles and maybe even consider opening a practice in that area after they receive their degree,” said Dr. Nancy Reifel, professor of public health and community dentistry and one of the event’s major coordinators.

Please see the full list of volunteers who helped make this event possible.

Taking Pride in Our Surroundings 

A Clinic Pride Day was held on Sat., August 6, and on Sat., November 5. The quarterly event brings together pre-doctoral students, faculty, and staff to clean the 2nd and 3rd floor general clinics so that they remain nice for our patients and students. The School expresses its special appreciation to the UCLA Associated Student Body cabinet, Hillal (Lief) Latif and Dr. Jeff Goldstein’s office, for coordinating the logistics of the events.

Thank you to all the repeat attendees and newcomers at both events! (Click for full list.)

Clinic Pride Days are organized events where the clinics and clinic laboratory are treated to more extensive cleaning, de-cluttering/organization, and collection and re-stocking of clinic supplies. There are over 500 current dental students and residents, there is the opportunity for attendance to be largely improved at future events.

When students personally participate in Clinic Pride Days, they are subject to great educational gains from the practice management standpoint, as the problems encountered in the clinic facilities are similar to those that dentists need to manage in private practice. 

Another invaluable aspect of Clinic Pride Days is the camaraderie among the participants. It provides an opportunity for interaction in a relaxed atmosphere with each other, which can be often difficult to do during business hours.

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