Serving a New Generation of Dentists

Posted on: Wednesday, 04/15/2020

The UCLA Pediatric Dentistry Clinic's completely renovated space is a shining example of alumni and friends coming together to create something special

Pediatric Ribbon Cutting

WHILE THE UCLA PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY CLINIC in Westwood was surpassing the oral health needs of its patients, after decades of wear and tear, the physical space was not. UCLA Dentistry needed to renovate the clinic in order to further serve the community and a new generation of patients. Years of meticulous planning and fundraising paid off. At the end of last October, nearly 100 alumni and friends of pediatric dentistry came together for a celebratory ribbon-cutting event to reveal the reimagined space.

Several key individuals gave their input and expertise to make the project a reality, including Dr. Daniela Silva, chair of pediatric dentistry and Dr. Paul Krebsbach, dean of the UCLA School of Dentistry, along with alumni, Dr. Oariona Lowe,    PD ’84, MPH ’16 and Dr. Mark Lisagor ’73, PD ’77, who both acted as campaign co-chairs. And, were it not for the initial commitment from Dr. No-Hee Park, dean emeritus of the dental school, the renovation may not have happened.

For generations, the clinic has served as an oral health safety net for thousands of young Angelenos and children from outside Los Angeles, most of whom are covered by state-funded insurance. UCLA Pediatric Dentistry takes pride in creating a nurturing environment where patients are able to feel safe and confident. The services that are provided impact thousands of children and families by instilling in young patients the importance of good oral health. What had become apparent was that the patient care environment was lacking and had to be upgraded to match the high level of expectation we had for ourselves, our faculty, and our residents.

Now, the clinic is a fresh, modern, and welcoming space featuring all new cubicles, computers, two surgical suites, an infant oral health room, a staff lounge, and a sterilization area. Under the leadership of the committee members and donors on the facing page, UCLA Dentistry now has a transformed clinic that serves as a significant resource in furthering the dental school’s mission and vision of excellence in quality patient care. UCLA Dentistry is proud to be a leader in restoring smiles and oral health for the children of Los Angeles communities and beyond.