Better Communication Through Improvisation

Course Fee: $250
CDE Credits: 7
November 3, 2018

Saturday 9:00 am-5:00 pm



Craig D. Woods, DDS, MA
Adjunct Professor & School Counselor, Director, UCLA Advanced Treatment Planning, UCLA Clinic, UCLA School of Dentistry

Rachel Fintzy, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in communication skills and the mind-body connection


Would you like to learn how to strengthen your communication skills in a fun and supportive environment?
Would you like to increase patient retention and referrals?
Would you like to contribute to a congenial and cooperative office atmosphere?
Would you like to feel as if you’re really connecting to your patients as human beings in addition to offering them excellent clinical help?

This course is designed to strengthen communication skills.  The instructors will provide participants with the psychological underpinnings of the doctor-patient relationship and empathy. We will then practice the techniques of improvisational theatre to reinforce basic communication skills.  Participants need not have a theatrical background to enjoy this course.

Learning Objectives

Specific interpersonal skills to be developed include:
• listening
• teamwork
• coping with ambiguity
• awareness of another’s or one’s own perspective
• multi-tasking
• handling difficult situations
• assessing and managing emotional content
• recognizing relative status in relationships


speaker and topics subject to change without prior notice