Postgraduate Periodontics and Implant Surgery Clinic

Location:B-Level, UCLA Dental Clinics, Room B0-130 CHS

Phone Number: (310) 825-3795

Fax Number: (310) 825-9653

Provider Level:  Post-Graduate


The UCLA Postgraduate Periodontics and Implant Surgery Clinic is a specialty clinic providing non-surgical and surgical therapy for diseases of the supporting hard and soft tissues (periodontium) around the teeth as well as dental implant surgery needs for patients with missing teeth. Similar to most clinics in the UCLA School of Dentistry, our clinical program provides educational experiences for residents (dental school graduates) who have elected to pursue specialty training in Periodontics and Implant Surgery. Patients with a variety of periodontal and implant needs are treated by our residents under faculty supervision.

What to Expect as a New Patient

New patients in the Postgraduate Periodontics and Implant Surgery Clinic will be assigned to a resident for a thorough review of their medical and dental history and a comprehensive periodontal/oral examination. A diagnosis and treatment plan will be developed by the resident with faculty supervision and options will be discussed. All patients will be required to bring or obtain current diagnostic radiographs prior to the initial examination. Patients will also be required to have a restorative dentist (outside private practice or at UCLA).  Referral to a restorative dentist will be offered for patients who do not have an established relationship with a dentist.


Clinic Hours: Mon-Fri, 1-5 pm and Fri 9am-12pm

Office Hours: Mon-Friday, 8am-12 pm and 1-5 pm