Types of Care and Patient Expectations

There are three main groups of professionals who deliver dental services at the UCLA Dental Clinics: dental students, residents, and faculty members. These groups of dental care providers offer their services at the UCLA Dental Clinics in Westwood and the UCLA Venice Dental Center. A brief description of the treatment protocol by dental students, residents and faculty members is as follows.

Pre-Doctoral Students

Our General Clinics, with locations in Westwood and Venice, offer a wide-range of services, including fillings, root canals, cosmetic dentistry, crowns, bridges, dentures, and treatment of gum disease, just to name a few. There are more than 300 pre-doctoral students practicing dentistry on a daily basis during their second (Westwood location only), third, and fourth years of dental school and hundreds of full- and part-time faculty members.

Treatment in the General Clinic is provided by our student dentists, dental hygiene students, and/or postgraduate trainees, who are supervised by our highly trained and experienced faculty. We believe in having a patient-centered care environment; however, we are an educational institution and have a responsibility to educate and train our students. It is important to note that the quality of care is not compromised in our General Clinics.

Pre-doctoral students studying at the UCLA School of Dentistry are selected from a pool of the best and brightest dental school candidates across the nation. Admission to our DDS program remains highly competitive, and the student body reflects our commitment to attracting a qualified and diverse group of students with a variety of educational backgrounds, life experiences, and professional goals. Our commitment to excellence in education and training is reflected in the skill and dedication our pre-doctoral students display towards their patients and clinical practice.

Some of the benefits of becoming a patient in the General Clinic are the fees, which are significantly lower when compared to the private sector. The trade-offs for the lower fees are that your treatment will be slower than in the private sector as your dental needs will help educate and train our dental students. Please expect appointments to last between two to three hours.

To make an appointment for General Dentistry at the Westwood General Clinic,
please call (310) 206-3904.

To make an appointment for General Dentistry at the Venice Dental Center,
please call (310) 392-4103.

Residency Clinics

The Residency Clinics offer advanced and specialized services administered by our residents. Residents are individuals who have successfully received a dental degree (DDS, DMD or equivalent). International postgraduates are dentists who have attended foreign dental schools. These professional dentists have chosen the School of Dentistry to continue their dental education in one of 15 programs. Our residency and international postgraduate programs are highly selective. Admission is competitive and requires a commitment of up to six years. Our residents and international postgraduate dentists are dedicated to becoming experts in their respective fields and this same dedication is shown in treating patients.

If your dental needs are too complex for a pre-doctoral student in one of our General Clinics, you may be referred to one of the Residency Clinics for treatment. The cost of treatment at the Residency Clinics is higher than the General Clinic, and will vary from clinic-to-clinic, depending on the complexity of your case. However, the fees are still lower than the private sector. Residency clinics are located on the following list.

Appointment availability will be more flexible, and the duration of the treatment will be shorter than the General Clinic, but still longer than the private sector.

Faculty Group Dental Practice

The Faculty Group Dental Practice is where UCLA School of Dentistry full-time faculty members perform dental care on private patients, and fees are comparable to the private sector. The Faculty Group Dental Practice also offers a wide range of services in General Dentistry and all specialties, including pediatric dentists, orthodontists, geriatric dentists, prosthodontists, endodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists or orofacial pain specialists.

In addition to practicing at the Faculty Group Dental Practice, faculty members are instrumental in the clinical care instruction of dental students and residents. All dental students and residents who treat patients in our clinics are supervised by faculty members to ensure that proper care is being administered and that the student is receiving proper instruction.

For specific questions or to make an appointment, please contact the Faculty Group Practice Manager, Rochelle Bache at (310) 794-5750.